Nike Bespoke Air Force 1

The Nike Bespoke program is still rolling on and due to that here we have another creation from there. For those of you who are wondering what the Nike Bespoke program is, its basically held at Nike Sportswear, which is located at 21 Mercer Street in New York, and people are given the opportunity to personally design your very own Air Force 1 by appointment only. As this program continues to get off the ground we’ll continue to see more designs. Like this one. Again using the elephant print design (one of the most popular Nike Bespoke materials)  in light grey color with black accents, the shoe itsself is also grey. It also contains a large white Nike Swoosh, which is complemented by some clear icy soles. Although the shoes seem to be made of a bland set of colors (grey) they work together to make a very clean and classy overall design. More pics after the jump.

Via NSW.

Nike Bespoke Air Force 1

Nike Bespoke Air Force 1


  1. The best AF1 creation by far…I havent rocked them in a while, but these are So hot that my pants just burned off right now…NO HOMO. haha. I might just cop a pair. SHoe head baby…Who cares about price…

  2. These are Pete from Premium Laces Airforce's. There Straight Fire!!! Man you got to check these Joints in Reflective Style.. Much Respect Pete. Fire!!!!

  3. How can you not show a pic with flash so you can see the 3m ? Not bad tho . When I do mine they gona be off the mofo hook!

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