Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey - Red

Nike Air Yeezy fans lined up and waited to get their hands of the first release last weekend. The second Air Yeezy is scheduled for next month, but another colorway has just been photographed at TPE 6453, a gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. This appears to be one of the first Yeezys to hit the net and features a combination of black, grey and red. The upper is outfitted with black while the strap consists of patent leather and the toe is made up of grey. The midsole is pictured with red, perhaps fire red in reference to the Air Jordan III (3). After the jump, a picture of the inside of the sneaker reveals a silver inner lining, a nice touch to Air Yeezy. Other Air Yeezys were showcased at TPE 6453 including the most recent and upcoming models.

Via Kenlu.

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey - Red

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey - Red

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey - Red

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey - Red

Nike Air Yeezy - Black / Grey - Red


  1. These are the ones he wore during the Glow Tour. These are the ones that started the whole Air Yeezy hype. Damn I gotta get these, they are so dope! Any idea on when they're supposed to drop?

  2. Majority of the ppl that copped the first wave of yeezys have them auctioned on eBay.

    There are 8 pages of yeezys.

    I like me some yeezys but I hate the fact ppl are so greedy.

    You got one pair, good!

    now leave the rest for others. Doublin up is so stupid.

    Instead of doublin up. Use that money for a different pair or air conditioning for your car.

  3. Moe Princess

    U have to remember we are in a recession! Being a sneakerhead is the latest fad to jump on! And those buying several pairs of kicks, just to put a crazy mark up on them so they can make more money, but at the end of the day, they just affecting the resale value on select shoes 5/10 yrs from now. $850 starting bid for some air yeezys, come on now, just ridiculous. guess i wont be having a pair any time soon!!

  4. I like these alot better then the rest, but where are th all black and gray ones. Please take off that stupid a** shiny strap, that crap is for kids. I've been a sneakerhead since i was in fifth grade with my first pair of pumps, theyve came along way but these are a waste of money. starting bid at $850 on ebay? yeah no thank you. ill give ya $175 tops.

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