Nike Air Structure Triax and Air Tech Challenge II Update

The wait is finally over, Nike has just released the new Air Structure and Air Tech Challenge II. I know many have been highly anticipated either of the two models and both have just been released at Proper.

The two models are two of the hottest recent releases, the Air Structure is relatively new and this is the debut release of the Air Tech Challenge II. Both releases are a two huge steps for Nike, one being a new color-way for one of the hottest new retro lines and the debut line of the follow-up release to the first Air Tech Challenge model.

Nike Air Structure Triax and Air Tech Challenge II Update
Nike Air Structure Triax and Air Tech Challenge II Update


  1. Those structures are clean! Love the lava color scheme, these are the 2nd hottest pair next to the OG's. OH yeah^ (angel0cean) the reason you can't find them on the proper website is because they don't have an online shop! You would have to acutually go to LBC and cop them in store. Not sure where U stay, but if I was you I would check my closest tier 0 account for this release!

  2. The proper website isnt working. Does anyone know any other sites that have these so I can make that young purchase?

  3. like lil young somethin said the proper site isnt working… and i want thse air structures!!! google doesnt really help either. where else can i cop these?

  4. suckaas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just cop mine 2day… locks!!! get after them while there still in stock

    p.s. fuck proper even though i live in L.A. im not gonna mish it all the way to long beach and yea that website is a bust

  5. The structures run $105 at proper…just call them at 562-628-9100, they will ship them to you…shipping $10…I got mine the other day…straight heat…

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