Nike Air Force 1 Supreme x Kaws

Pictures of a new Nike Air Force 1 Supreme have been spotted on the internet and appear to have a designs by artist Kaws. As for the shoe, it features an all Black upper with Neon Yellow accents on the laces and the outer sole with a nice addition of the Kaws signature cross stitching around the shoe. Release is still uncertain and it is not known to be an official collaboration, however there are many details that link to Kaws like designs. Via Korean Tom Cruise.

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme x Kaws
Nike Air Force 1 Supreme x Kaws


  1. Its Funny hows Kaws makes an OFFICIAL Nike Collab and Niggo cant get a call back. Maybe its because he stole there OG Design, hmmmmm.

  2. Did anyone from the above comment went through and or pas s the 10th grade English course? OMG

    "they is.." "cotdam" so on and so on. Its sad how many people are taking advantage of the short hand writing online which in tern is F***g up there speech and writing. step your game up write what u mean and mean what you write. CORRECTLY!!


    thats one fresh ass pair of kicks 🙂

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