New Ice Cream Waffle

Definitely a different look for any Ice Cream model, but you can always expect something new and out of the normal from the Ice Cream camp. This particular model is called The Lace Up which features a Waffle upper. They will be available limited boutiques and retail for $200. Via Complex.


  1. Two 'hun-ed' yes 'hun-ed' friggin dollars. You must be kiddin. I can get some Vans exactly like that for $40.

  2. these shoes suck I think they got it wrond it probably comes with a bbc jacket and pair of jeans. i think they might as well stop making ice creams cause they don seem like they making money. I saw he new ones on sale, two for 89.99

  3. Yo on the real, if ya just get a shirt to go wit dem, then you good money. ya gotta remember, sneakers are a form of self-expression feel me? you gotta do you. and i tell you rite nah, if you is a real sneaker head, you could rock those

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