A while back, NIGO sold A Bathing Ape to I.T. from Hong Kong. Thus, several fans immediately got to wondering what would happen to NIGO and Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club. Rumor has it that Jay-Z reportedly purchased the licensing rights to produce and distribute all things BBC. However, it seems as though that was mere hyperbole because the latest bit of news says that Jay-Z is simply going to be a partner of the brand from now on. Either way, it seems as though we might be seeing some Jay-Z influenced BBC products soon. How do you feel about this possibility?

Via GQ.


  1. f*ck thaot. that illuminati sonofabitch can go to hell literally. and watch the thrones gonna blow just like otis and HAM does. killuminati

  2. Never really cared for BBC, expensive and flamboyant for no reason. Oh and go head with that illuminati bull s h i t, you sound ignorant dude.

  3. i guess the rocawear heads would be happy with this, it would mean the ‘high-end’ rocawear plans would be scrapped

  4. I highly doubt pharrell would let him ruin his line, and I dont know if you guys have noticed lately but Jay-z has been rockin some pretty high end shit………..but I will agree bbc has always been super expensive streetwear and that made it easier for these other more popular streetwear brands to come out and do well, but NY loves bbc and jay-z so why not them cats up there got paper to blow…….it’s almost the same scheme as fusions

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