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Puma Release Dates and Information. Puma was created by Rudolf Dassler in 1948 after a feud with his brother. Puma’s retro line is by far the most sought after like the Clyde, Suede, Blaze of Glory is just to name a few. To stay up to date with every Puma release, make sure to frequently check back as new Puma’s are released almost daily.

Puma Clyde Spring 2007

Spring 2007 Puma will release the Clyde in various color ways including yellow, blue, orange and more. Puma also added the foil-stamped on...

Puma x Ricky Powell

A first glance for many of the upcoming Puma x Ricky Powell, which is beautiful. The combination of the gold embroidery around the...

Puma x Bode Tribute

Overkill has celebrated "The Bodé Tribute" this year in memory of Vaughn Bodé (rest in peace), along with Puma. Mark Bodé (son of...

Puma Clyde x Vaughn Bode

Finally, an actual picture of the Puma Clyde x Vaughn Bode has surfaced. Vaughn Bode is a cartoonist, which his most popular cartoon...

Puma Ranger High

Just released for the Winter is the Puma Ranger High. This sneaker is constructed very well, and the darker colors are great for...

Puma Clyde x Crooked Tongues 3

Today, the last Puma Clyde in the Crooked Tongues collaboration was introduced. This model was actually designed by a Crooked Tongues member. ...

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