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Information and Release Dates on Converse sneakers. Everything from the popular Converse Chuck Taylor All Star to other retro models like the Aero Jam and Weapon. Converse is one of the longest standing sneaker brands in history with releases that launch all the time. What started as a basketball shoe has turned into one of the most timeless sneakers on the planet.

Converse Wade 2.0 White/Blue/Red Final Product

Not long ago we had a comparison of the Converse Wade 2.0 White/Black/Red Sample Vs. Final Product, now we have pictures of the Converse...

Converse Wade 2.0 Sample vs. Final Product

Dwayne Wade in 2007 will fight to once again win the NBA Championship, and while he battles other teams in the NBA he will...

New Converse Wade 2.0 Pictures

Coming very soon is the Converse Wade 2.0. At the moment Dwayne Wade is wearing the Wade 1.3, but the Converse Wade 2.0...