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Addias x DJ Wicked & Dj OG One

Portland HipHop icons DJ WICKED and DJ O.G. ONE will soon be sporting their very own, limited edition, signature, Adidas brand sneakers as part...

Adidas Superstar Jeff Metal Custom 1 of 40

Jeff Metal got the opportunity to customize 40 pairs of Adidas Superstars. There are 10 color ways, and 4 different variations to each...

Adidas ZX Series Promotion Video

Adidas new campaign is using Dynamo, which his claim to fame is magic (and he is really good at it). Which doing a...

Adidas KG 4

Another year, a new model. Here is a preview of the upcoming Adidas KG 4 in five different color ways. Read "more"...

Adidas Materials of the World 2007

Adidas will continue their "Materials of the World" into 2007 adding Japan and England. On the left we have the Adidas ZX500 "England"...

Adidas Gil Zero Mid and Low

Check it out, new color ways of the Adidas Gil Zero mid and Low that will be available one Eastbay very soon. The...