Bow Wow in Air Jordan Spizike Kings County

While Bow Wow stopped by 106 & Park and got to chill with Mya he was wearing a pair of the Air Jordan Spizike Kings County. We all know Bow Wow is big on sneakers especially Air Jordan’s, so spotting him in a pair that will not release for sometime is not impossible to imagine. An official release date has not been determined but I was told to expect them sometime in October 2007, via BlkQueen_07.

Bow Wow in Air Jordan Spizike Kings County
Bow Wow in Air Jordan Spizike Kings County
Bow Wow in Air Jordan Spizike Kings County


  1. Hey Steven Seagal Ass Kicker,

    Thank you so much for keeping me in check. I apologize to everybody in SneakerFile that I diss. I dont know what went wrong. Maybe it because my mom use to give me generic bleach at the 99 cents store to drink. And thank you all for your get well cards but I still have burning hemroids. Can someone lend me some money i'll pay you back when my mom get her welfare check at the first of the month. If you want to see me just google on Bum Fights and you will see me. Im the one with a cock eye. Peace and God Bless You!

  2. ehh those kicks r ugly he dun look right rockin them butaye boy that shouted out wale das wassup n wale definatley fresh!

  3. My bad once again Steven Seagal, I just want you so bad. I've been spying on you for so long, look I even have a copy of your fingerprints, but anyway I'd like to apoligize again. I don't know what has come of me, I must be disoriented from the sperm overdose. Mr. Steven Seagal sir, I am so very sorry, I didn't mean it the devil made me do it, please don't kick my ass. I'll let you sex my mother again, just please don't hurt me.

  4. Steven Seagal ass kicker actually called me a granny pants sniffer. What a homo thing to say. I think you just dissed yourself man, so no comment on that one.

  5. Nike should make a t shirt.. "not another colorway of spizikes" i cant beleive bow wow, who owns 50% of prestigious in atl, is rocking these! who styles this kid?

    Shout to the wale listeners.. Dc is ready B

    "im bad and im flyer than a passport"

  6. I live in San FRANSICO and eat Rice o Roni plus I am a Jenny Craig Reject! Anyone got government cheese for me? My Hemroids are burning!

  7. I feel all yall fury about bow-wow wit his little punka**. He should have just put on a McDonald's uniform it would have suit him better than that tee.

  8. Oh, nice to see they are coming out with a Dikembe Mutumbo colorway. BowWow prolly wears a size 9 (SAMPLES)…

  9. the only thing thats wron is the shirt, Bow Wow that shirt is for the 1's not the Spiz'ikes and it doesnt even look that nice

  10. Any chance we can retire all variations of the N word in the next ten years. On a website dedicated to fashion it is nearing the hour when something as tired boring as that epitaph can be put on the shelf for a time. And yes, the use of the word and its variations serves to promote racism even if you are darkly complected.

  11. i don't care who wears them

    they are still hella ugly

    worst spizikes to say the least

    JB better stop making these useless spizikes

  12. rareairtone suck bow wow little nuts and drinks monkey nipple breast milk. Cant even afford Air Jordans until his mom got on WELFARE!

  13. Hi bow wow I'm kadia and I'm just mailing that you are my favorite Artist, and I would like to meet you,and my E-mail is [email protected]!!!!! send me an message!!!, I also love alot of you'r music!.

    Thank you!!!

  14. Hi bow wow babe

    I love you boy

    Damn boy you are so Sexy, h0ooot,and cute'

    So i hope that you answer back

    holla ya!

  15. i like them kicks,man.

    every last one of ya kids(because all ya is)need to stop hatin' get your own gear. because if i was to see ya on the street ya would have been wearin' those kicks. i don't care what ya think of me.

  16. dang bowwow okay down here in nc yea they rockn tha spikes but u just made them junks look bout slap tha shirt that you got own don't even match tha shoes come on now i know you can dress better than that if you put together yo outfit that was ashame you better off letin yo mother dress you lol

  17. Man juju hunni we got those shoes down here n erybdy got em we dnt even wear em nomo we on dat new new now so…….

  18. you need to really stop haten on bowwow just cuz your kick proberly wack but yeah i like them kicks them izz fly

  19. y dO YaLL GoT To hAtE YAlL AlL RiCh sO yAll cAn bE JuZ LykE EaCh othA BuT I LiKe jUz fOr YaLL

    LuV IeShA

  20. Hey Bow Wow i think your the most sexy guy in the world, i Love your music and i would LOVE to meet you. keep doing your thing,don't let them haters get to you. P.S can't wait to hear some more of your tunes. Love you xxXxx

  21. hey bow-wow don't stress what all these haters are sayin about you cuz your sexy as hell and i'm your # 1 fan lov you booskie 🙂

  22. bow wow u sexci ting man lol haha ur so fit n gawgus n tiny ur such a lil cutie lyk blesss awwwww

    ("V") I Love You ("V")



  24. yeah rite ya got him messed up he got more everything den yal ya jus haters ya need ta hop off his swag an do sum wit ya self

  25. bow wow is me dina and i want be your girlfriend like the song you singing with omario and that song is so sexy you are sexy boy

  26. My name is rayquana but u can call me ray ray i am in love with bowwow if some one give me one time with him he dont no what i will do but give my ur # and i will get at u

  27. can you sent you e-mail to me ppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    add chris brown too hi bow what are you doing tell me aboue your you and your girlfriend pppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    sent me you p bow wow the with glitter

  28. hi omarion you so sexy hope you are my boy so what are you doing whit bow wow tell me about you nad bow wow i w i can kiss you omarion p add me to you my space

  29. hey Bowwow i love u so much i am ur biggest fan u just dont understand…fuck wat they all saying just 2 let u kne i like the shoes but not the shirt well hope u write back baby bye

  30. Yall bitches need 2 stop cuz I'm bowwows # 1 no matter wat none of yall say an how dumb of yall 2 leave yall # yall stupid as 4 yall player haten boyz yall mad cuz bow doin his thing an every thing he wear looks gud on him

  31. Hi bow dis jorgie speakin I just want u 2 no I think I'm ur # 1 fan an hope fully I get 2 meet u 1 day don't worry bout da haterz dey make u look gud if dey taking time 2 hate on u wen dey stop talking worry stay strong boo

  32. menn bow dnt listin to em haters..

    cos wen some1 is doin gd ther must b u must think tha..

    bt im rele ya bigg 1fan yaw..

    hit bak..bow wow word up,,,….

  33. damn you fucked it up bow wow them shoes nad you just lost a shit load of street cred. white socks what the fuck maybe red yellow or black but white come on dude.

    spizike for life

  34. bow wow can you come to manchester because people in this school don'tlike me i want them to like me it why i ask you to come in manchester

    thank you

    yours fan

    big kiss

  35. hi guys i'm a very bgig fan of bow wow and chris brown they r my top 2 rappers in the whole world. U ROCK GUYS KEEP WAT U R DOIN'

  36. all yall are definatly some haterz cause u want to be him but u ain't him and if u had time to sit here and write all that bad stuff about him u obviously was thinkin bout him and he loves the hate so keep doin wat u doin

  37. Shoesz ugly,Shirt Fuckin Hidious,Jeansz Really aint got no Kinda Swag 2 em but bow stil kinda go hard when he b rappin ion ckare wit no1 say dasz on blood nikka

  38. Oh! Man OH! Man. U are so damn fine bro,hope u keep ur head up and make them haitaz hate u ivn more!

    Dis yo gal Braidy a.k.a Jojo

  39. If it was'nt for "Let me hold u", a lot of b**hes woud'nt be aware of u! Its so iritating dat some snitchin female hypocrits are havin such a sudden luvin for ya, whreras we been down witchu eva since i was "BE ware of dawg"!!! and all of a sudden he's "Wanted"!!! hell NO! No ahitin Yall, but im luvin da Price of fame,but leave em alone,he's my Hoodstar!

    And one more thing Mr. Moss…U gotta come to South Africa,that's where 'I and my homies want u at!

    Much Luv..



  41. Nike Air Force 1, Nike Air Max, Nike Basketball, Nike Blazer Nike Court, Force Nike Dunk…Ds list is end less… Than u hear some kind of trifla talkin all kinda bull shit,haitin on people who got game…like Weezy. ATTENTION BOYS:snitches just get used to da fact dat Bow daz his thing,especially with da Brand of Nikey!!! Mh,,,Don't blame u though,u've evry reason to hate on him!!! ha ha!!!

    Chow Weezy,kip it up Bro


  42. Gr8 swag u have right there and always kip em baggy J's supa low…just da way i like em!

    & 1 more thang…I love you and your music man!Nothin Further dan dat…halla back at yo gal…

  43. dani gal fuck you beich who the fuck are you mothefucker damn you fucked it up bow wow i am going to beat this beich dowm dame she like me so fuck md beich……….fucked all of yaaaaaa………….

  44. damn bow wow i am hope to got one night with you were we could have fun at the bech ok boo boo ya fucking fly….

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