For all hardcore Michael Jordan fans or LeBron James haters, your worst nightmare has become a reality with this one of a kind custom by Freaker Sneaks. The same crew who brought us the Air Jordan III (3) “Dexter’s Lab” is now putting on for King James via a pair of Michael’s shoes. This Air Jordan IV (4) “Fire Red” was transformed into the “LeJordan” with a few simple accents including the Jumpman on the tongue that is now wearing a Miami jersey and is noticeably LeBron. The other feature that made these part LeBron is the heel logo that is also no longer the original Jordan Jumpman but is now the “LBJ 23” logo.

What do you think about these “LeJordan” Air Jordan IV’s? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on everything sneakers!


Via @freakersneaks


  1. Wtf!!! Fucked up an amazing shoes with bullshit ….. Keep Jordans the way they are LeBron ain’t shit

  2. Jordan isn’t going to like this the only person the he would have a Lil more respect for on his shoe is kobe. That’s who he rather ppl to compare him to.. geez!

  3. This is as bad as thoes stupid fuckin “MIKE WILL MADE IT” on the cover of the jordan hoodies. Trash. Cant recreate a brand but they jus want to cover it up.

  4. It’s exactly what I thought was going to happen. I didn’t do the custom, I just write the articles so ya’ll can go crazy. haha

  5. The only logical explanation that I can come up with for this disaster is ATTENTION. These fools who created this monstrosity probably did this as a publicity stunt. Why oh why would you disrespect this shoe?

  6. #Blasphemy …worst shoes ever. Prepare for laughter and treatment if someone from the chi sees these on your feet.

  7. Matthew Armando Dubon SMMFH STR8 DISRESPECTFUL. They need to be BURNED ASAP. This is whats WRONG wit the sneaker game…. Destroying J’s

  8. Who ever made this piece of shit . Get some laces n hang urself in ur closet for even making these . Real talk

  9. WTF W/THIS ??? DON´T DISRESPETC*** MJ*** W/THIS SHIT !!!!! Think outside your box before due STUPIDITY´S Like that..

  10. He rich yall broke y comment bs it’s just a dam shoe sound like some one on MJ dick mite as well suck it!.

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