Air Jordan XQ Collection

The Air Jordan XQ Collection will have the Air Jordan 1, Jordan 23 Classic, T-Shirts, Hats and a messenger bag. We have heard the Air Jordan XQ Collection will launch June 1st and it is confirmed for a China release only. The XQ Collection which means Happy Occasion was made for good luck to China in the Olympics. See more at the official Jumpman23 website.

Air Jordan XQ Collection


  1. this package is hot does anybody know how can we get these when they come out since its a china release only?

  2. jonathan ventura I know where to get the Air Jordan XQ, You can go to China or suck on my eggroll and gag on my two dumplings!

  3. yo guys are dumb it not a package its a motha fuken collection that meens you have to buy it peice by peice bitchesssssssssssssss if you cant comprihend that go on the stupidass

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