Air Jordan V (5) Toro Bravo Package (Raging Bull DMP) Restock

The Air Jordan V (5) Toro Bravo Package has been restocked at in sizes 8-15. The pack features a red suede/black outsole Jordan V with a white 3M tongue and clear lace lock. The other Jordan V is toned charcoal premium leather and offers a black outsole, too. The shoe’s red accents and clear lace lock work seamlessly to provide a shoe that looks good in the closet or on the streets. The restock of the Air Jordan V (5) Toro Bravo Package is available now at Finishline for $310.

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Air Jordan V (5) Toro Bravo Package (Raging Bull DMP) Restock


  1. WTF! I Spent The Night At Tha Mall At Stood In Line For Them To Restoke Them A Week Later.. F**K Jordan On Mammas!

  2. Just got mine yesterday. Thanks JB. Sorry for y'all that waited in line, but Jordan knows what's gonna bring in the money and the 2K9 definitely ain't getting it done this year. R they even coming out with any new colorways for the 2K9? I was lucky enough to get mine off of eBay for $36 dollars cuz that's all I would spend on those herendous things and they're authentic too.

  3. …this is some str8 bull…u mean to tell me that i didnt hav to wake up at 6 n wait n line to cop the package, u knw wha, for now on im not wakin up that damn early cuz they gona restock n e way…now the 11/12 package restockd after i drop 500 juss to get em, this is some str8 bull…

  4. If you dig the shoes, who cares if you woke up at 6 day of release or got them this week? Move on. Do you buy the shoes because they're rare or because you dig the shoes? If you buy them because they're rare, than you're nothing but a hypebeast that can't think for themselves, constantly needing someone else to tell them what's cool.

    Buy shoes because *you* like them.

  5. I agree opus to a certain extent. I luv shoes, but there are times when you want to have something that no one else has because it gives you a sense of exclusivity.

  6. Yeah I was kind of surprised the day the came out, I just went to the mall at like noon and they still had them in stock. Just be happy to have them and enjoy them.

  7. who says you cant be both "opus138" thats wat GR's are for!!! this pack was ment to be exclusive….so im with every one else on this one! Jordan yu fu*ked up =/

  8. im with opus on this, i got em, but i dont care if other got em eaither. i mean its not like its a new balance that every cat wears so its not like you'll see everybody in em anyways. but if you like em get em if not dont, dont just get shoes cause the limited. like the yeezy, i would love to get em, but i cant wait in a line on Wednesday and stay there until saturday, that aint right.

  9. Im a lil upset i paid a lil more to have them early so that i wouldnt have to camp out for them to know know i can still get them anywhere for retail but its all good these 5's are hot.Now would be a good time to pick u another package

  10. I gotem the 1st day I had 2 ride 2 Illinois & getem didn't have 2 wait in line but I ain't mad thanks 2 my dude (Santana)Dipset. STL Didn't like the black ones until I gotem red laces HOT

  11. its like this opus138, i dig the shoes no doubt…my thing is, is that these were suppose to b exclusives (lik some lol eggplant foams or the last DMP that didnt restock) but they cnt be if stores r able to restock…n im far from a hypebeast, im juss an jordan collector n if im seein everyone wit em then i get kinda upset, ya dig…wit over 50 jordans n my collection, bout half i dnt wear cuz im waitn for that right time but by the looks of it, they gona drop again real soon…lik restocking!!!

  12. agreed with opus..i cop ish I digg, screw if its limited or not (i mean hooray if it is, no one would have em').. but when u got ur OWN defined swag.. that make ur JO's looks different from the other lames.. i dont even get mad when i see some1 rockin' a kick i got cuz i kno i'm rockin' it way more wavvvvyy.. surfs up

    ohhh & go0o dammmmmmmitttt i kn0 alot ya'll feel sick for standin' on a line.. ughhh

  13. iM SUPPPERRRR PiSSEddd Off NOW..




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