At the height of its release last weekend, the Air Jordan V (5) “Laney” has sold through in excess of 250,000 pairs!

Are you surprised? Well, considering the fact that the colorway hadn’t been retrod since its original debut back in 2000, many were apt to purchase this year’s version. What also followed weeks of speculation surrounding the quality of the “Laney,” most if not all were satisfied with their pick-up overall. With this release, Jordan Brand experienced a 63% sales increase.

Did you get your hands on the Air Jordan V (5) “Laney”? Let us know what you think about these numbers, and stay tuned to Sneaker Files to learn about more of your favorite releases.


via mattSOS


  1. All yall so call sneakerheads don’t know shit about shoes especially the 5…this Is the first jordsn 5 to have real tumble leather not that fake ass shit on all those other 5–you cop for the quality not the style n color all the time

  2. Roughly around 30 million cause of non nike stores in profit for nike and jordan in one day, damn.

  3. @Leo Thekoolkid Hobson Lol “real tumble leather” if by real you mean split grain with PU tumble coating, yeah you are right. Know your materials, JB is not doing Full Grain leather anymore.

  4. Thats 250k of you people wearing them shits…everyone lookong the same n shit… im done with sticking with air maxes

  5. at $170 a pop x 250k and I think MJ probably gets 20% of the sales revenue: yall hooked him up as you do every week——I had em back in the day yall young bucks enjoy

  6. I got a 10.5 brand new never worn or tried on. Message me $200. 100% authentic, have the receipt and all.

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