Air Jordan Six Rings - Hollywood - Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the leading candidates to win this years championship despite coming up short last year. Although they are not directly associated with this Air Jordan Six Rings, the inspiration can be found throughout the sneaker. Here’s a look at upcoming Air Jordan Six Rings nicknamed “Hollywood” for all the Los Angeles aspects of the sneakers. The Six Rings consist of a white base with varsity purple and pro gold accents. In addition, a design appears on the sides of the sneakers including the Hollywood sign, “MVP”, and other graphics. As of now, there is no specific release date surrounding this Six Rings, but Marquee Sole does have a few sizes available. Keep checking with our Air Jordan Release Date Page for further updates.

Air Jordan Six Rings - Hollywood - Lakers

Air Jordan Six Rings - Hollywood - Lakers


  1. Have you morons seen the paper that comes in the package of a 6rings box? They're designs of each championship won from different cities.. The 6 rings has those designs now on 3 different shoes w/ colorways similar to those defeated teams..

  2. Yea you stupid idiots, haven't you seen the paper!?! You guys are sooo fuckin dumb. None of you deserve to live you idiots. How did you not know what gimmick NIKE was trying to sell you?!? What you wanted to just buy the shoes cause you like them!! how moronic is that? Don't you want to be a guru of shoes? Dummies.

  3. 6 rings are the bastard childre of the jordan brand. anyone who buys them ar very stupid and dont know the sneaker game or history of jordans.

  4. sneaker heads man i heard that only that one of each size in the cdp 11/12 is coming out plz answer this question for me lol… but besides tha fact ima cop these

  5. I just showed them the god damn paper and they still don't fucking get it! what morons. LOOK AT THE PAPER!

    Learn damnit!

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