Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack

A little while ago, we informed you that Jordan Brand is set to release Sixty Plus Packs in the upcoming months and gave you some sample images of a pack composed of two pairs of the Air Jordan VII (7). We are now getting a detailed look at the AJ7 inspired by the Orlando Magic—the team MJ scored 64 points against in 1993. We are also seeing evidence that the sneaker has changed quite a bit from before. This sample pair features a black nubuck and white leather upper with varsity royal accents, but the most interesting aspect of this sneaker is definitely the white pinstripes on the black nubuck which are extremely reminiscent of the Orlando Magic’s former jerseys. Please remember that this pair is only a sample, and changes may be made for it is eventually released in August 2009.

Via Kenlu.

Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack
Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Sample - Sixty Plus (60+) Pack


  1. I really don't think this is the final product… I mean… It has the CDP tag in the shoe. I wouldn't mind of they released somethin different from the same old "bred" colors. The pinstripes are different, and that's a good way to go.

  2. yo those look like some 28st speacial they shud just stick to basics it was working for jb for 23 years and why stop

  3. These are just fine people. If you were born after the 90's you proly have no clue about the pinstripes. There are two pair in the pack so either way you will still buy. Good shoe to rep the orlando magic…the other 7 is an original color…so this or the all white w/ black pinstripe tounge will be in the box. its a winner to me.

  4. good look way to change up we dont need the same retros every year it floods the market please stop the retro 1. bring back the 11s

  5. Am I the only person that thinks these are dope? As long as you know your kicks ain't fake that's all that matters. This is just like the milos, everyone hateed on them saying they look fake now look there a f***ing colectable rarety. Y'all need to stop hating!!!!!!!

  6. ^With ya DavyB23! Nick Anderson would be rocking these for sure! I love em'… have no clue how to rock em' other than with a Penny jersey but come on… you'd look like a goob doing that with the 1/2's out this year! Dope anyway!

  7. dey look like some fakes u see at swap meets…on top of it i bet iz gon have tha worst quality like cdps

  8. If they release these, then all I can say is stop making Jordan’s!!! He’s long gone from his playing days. Time to move on!!!

  9. i dont like these, they look fake, look to much like the barons, i hope they release the colorways HE wore during the game!!!!!!

  10. OKAY. first the of all. these look like the jordans they sell at your local liqour store by your favorite arabian. FAKE AS FHK! jesus christ i swear if they release this in the package, u can forget about my money being invested in jordans 🙂

  11. 4DRUMZ March 2nd, 2009 at 8:09 am

    “Nick Anderson would be rocking these for sure”

    Nick would’ve probably rocked em and then forgot that he even did, what a douche!!

  12. Dont worry about the sample pics. Yall actin like tha 7’s is actually comin out. either way the jordan brand is gonna have our money when the retros come out either way. They do have a great marketing plan if yall didnt notice.

  13. ok, i juss wana say that i will defnly not b copin these…they look lik somethin u buy out the korean store, there str8 wack…when JB gets his head str8 and decides to release the raptors or even the maroon joints, yea ill defnly b sitin on the side line when these drop…

  14. I agree with Jay in the Bay, nice but im old(28) I dont think im allowed to wear high tops anymore as much as I would like too, so i will buy them and keep them in the box, i stick to any lowtops from air max 90 to new balances

  15. The contrast of the side panels with the rest of the shoe makes these horrible. U gotta be careful when designing 7's.

  16. Im with you too DaveyB23…i like them as well. I dont see what ppl are sooooo mad about. If you think he will make these french blue slap yourself…the idea of the 60+ packs are to rep where he scored 60+…so one shoe will be an OG color and the other will be the opposite teams colors…geeez But im sure its gonna be the white/royal blue/black in the pack, not these.


  18. Yo… These are sick. IM copin with my marc jacob googgles. these player. I think the best model so far I seen in 09. That navy is just sick!

  19. worst 7's i seen in my life next to them fleamarket sneakers.

    take that black stuff and keep em all white!! please!! if you don't people will not buy them like the 15/8 pack. right here in sac we still have them on the stores.

  20. jordan is back at gambling and alchol cuz u seen so many fakes like these already so ill just cop nubuck 12 lol 😉

  21. I would cop just cuz I heard dey comin wit da raptor 7z or sumin lyk dat but da magicz joint I'll sell it 2 sum muthafucka dats dumb enuff 2 buy em

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