Air Jordan Melo M4

Air Jordan Brand will not use a .5 model to represent Carmelo Anthony, the new Air Jordan Melo M4 is finally shown. To me, the lower part of the Jordan M4 looks like the M3, but other than that overall a good looking sneaker. The first color way is Black/Yellow which should do well in Denver. More information, release dates and pictures coming soon.


  1. they need to scrap the melo project. every edition they put out is sh!t. if they want him on JB so bad, just make him wear retros or the XX2. I'm tired of seeing these ugly sh!ts everywhere. they're like fukkin team jordans…

  2. just need to stop making the shoe so wide. The Jordans are sleak, where as the Melo's look clunky. The last design wasn't bad, but just clunky Iand was kinda reminiscent to the Kobes

  3. the 5.5 was the best one to come out… i dont there will be anything better…unless he uses… up and coming sneaker artists and a outside opinions of people who know the sneaker game….like all of us here

  4. the makers mixed the melo 3s wit jordan 7s the front line like da kobe air zoom ones. but da shoe is of da chain if it was blue and white.

  5. melo has the worst shoes i have ever seen, all of the melos are ugly. He just need to wear retros or the j's all the other team jordan players wear. HE ISN'T MJ stop makin him his shoes they are HORRIBLE

  6. These things look exactly like the M3's man.. This just doesnt fit, i mean, Melo's game continues to evolve and grow better. His shoe should do the same. JB should take a step forward in making Melo signature kickz cuz these look damn weak.

  7. ahah all of tha melo's have been nicer than tha lebron's…. But i THINK these are fake pictures, just cuz te Melo symbol has changed each year… the 1.5's had the fancy "C in Carmelo" and then the fallowing year the 5.5's were the fancy "M in Melo" then the M3's had the new "M" design with the "MELO" above it… and these "MELO" the same way thats what I think.

  8. These is nice, but anyone who said the M-3 was whack check the ratings his was rated 4.8 – 5.0 and the 5.5 sold more than LeBrons 3 and the M-3s were among top sellers

  9. nahh these aint that bad i mean not syain that cuz melos my fav player but i think people would like them wen they see a new color way for thesse shoes

  10. i think people who dont like em might just be tryna rock for looks . but an athlete like me can appreciate them, they look comfortable and have good ankle support…feelin em

  11. hella fan of Mello but Nike 8nt dun him propa wit his kix. The 2nd & 3rd was hot but Nike need 2 give him mo original designs, but they still out sell Lebron's-who's new joints r garbage ya dig

  12. greaeet kix,seeing in front of u is far nicer than the pics plus they are very confortable i give it 4.5 over 5…gooooo melooooo

  13. damn y yall hatin?

    these are some tight kicks and the best i think are the blue/white/gold ones. and these are perfect for me cuz i dont have to wear an ankle brace

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