Just in case you were the unlucky few to miss out on the Air Jordan I (1) High from the Doernbecher Freestyle collection that was released on Friday, November 14th, a few pairs have found their way on to the net. This specific model from the collection was designed by Tony Taylor Jr a.k.a Mr. Bobber. This Air Jordan High incorporates an imaginative of a beach setting on top of a blue and black gradient upper. Other details include gold stitching and a gum sole. Although there may be a premium to pay on missing out on this limited release, they are plenty of a sizes available on the ‘Bay!



  1. sneakerfiles did have a post of these shoes almost a month ago dats how i knew about them, and they were so limited when i stood in line i had to get a size bigger.

  2. i got a few pairs of these yesterday and they are straight fire!!! one of the nicest jordan 1's to ever release. I don't even like patent leather but i love these. anyone lookin for size 15 check out ebay. i got em listed there seller name julz3728

  3. thats the ugliest air jordan 1 ever!!!! its a hype beast shoe. the only reason people want it its because it was limited but jb what are you thinking? why would you let Mr. Bobber do this to a classic shoe????

  4. Des is da BEST pair of 1's period and to dat niqqa talkin shit bout mr boober do you even know he a 16 year old kid wit cancer and all the money from des shoes go to research plus u cudn't get des anywayz theres on bout 9 or 10 niketowns in da US so dat mean dat way over half of the states wont even see des shoes including u i bet

  5. I really wanted these, stayed up until they came out at about 5:25am friday morning, unfortunately Niketown doesn't accept international credit cards which I thought they did, I opened an account a few weeks ago and when setting up my profile it allowed me to select an international country when filling out my billing address so I was under the impression it would let me use my credit card, the thing is I have a US credit card and could've easily put the money on it had I known Niketown would not accept my card. Long story short, I missed out because by 7am these were sold out and now resellers on Ebay are selling them at ridiculous prices, more than double the original price in most cases. This sucks!

  6. ^ I know about the post a month ago thats how i knew about these too, but they usually do a post the night before they come out. Not to mention sneakerfiles messed up my accounting calculations when they said the Motorsports were on early release..

  7. now tell da truth if these wasn't so damn limited would u really buy them I know dat its 4 supporting a good cause and all but da shoe really isn't dat hot da design is crazy but da colors was kinda off though but im not hatin or anything cuz if I had a pair I probably would just sell them 2 someone on here im just waiting to c what's goin on wit those black white and red 23's dat come out on black friday and da 11/12 pack after dat im done

  8. To dontworryboutthatman these were only $125. I couldn't believe they were selling a great shoe at a great price. I was one of the lucky ones to get some from Niketown.com. It's a good thing I got Sasquatch feet cuz there were plenty of size 14s and 15s available. The design is crazy and different because you don't expect to see Js in a colorway like this. I'm glad Jordan allowed him to use these to express his creative vision on cuz I guarantee u everyone's gonna be asking where you got these from.

  9. Stuntastic your right. These are awesome and a big thanks to Tony Taylor cause he really went out on this one. And thank you to jordan brand for making it possible for him.

  10. I got a size 15 for sale on ebay right now. ebay seller name julz3728. opening bid is $229.99 i'd let em go for $250

  11. Yeh he def got raped i got mines for 270 and that was still a lot more than some ppl paid. Its well worth it though.

  12. I think those shoes are pretty clean.. I got sizes 8.5, 9, 9, 9, 9.5 for sale. So let me know if anyone interested for $310 shipped or local pickup in northern california.

  13. Oh i fogot to mention they're all 100000% authentic as i will provide the receipt on the transaction from Niketown San Francisco.

    My contact info is through E-mail [email protected]. Thanks folks!

  14. they are toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need to get themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jb send me a pair free size 11 live in memphis,TN street water point cov.east pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. man i've been lookin' everywhere i actually go to tha same hospital tony the designer goes to cuz i have neuroblastoma so i was for reals pissed when i couldn't find a 7.5!!!!!!! anyone got a pair plzzz i would really like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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