Air Jordan Force Fusion III (3) - Black / Pink / Blue

Here’s a look at the most recent picture of the Air Jordan Force Fusion III (3) to hit the internet. We’re not really sure what to make of this fusion model except that the upper is mostly made up of black leather while the cement print is a mixture of pink and blue. In addition, pink also appears on the sole and as accents as well. These could possibly be a grade school size only release, but it has not been confirmed. Stay posted for more info.



  2. wtf i agree wit the rest they doing even look real the leather looks like shit. and the cement on these is terrible. WORST PAIR[olympic 7s are worst tho.]

  3. Super FAKE!!!!

    I'm surprice sum1 is getting pay to "desing" this Crap!!!! I wonder where dey goin wit this!!!!

  4. i like the fusion 3s, but this colorway deserves to get pissed on…..the yellow would do it some good.

    WORST COLORWAY IVE SEEN SO FAR for this shoe. i'm just gonna get the white/cement gray and the black/cement gray, all the other colors are looking VERY whack.

  5. Hey this is Faz¥'s cousin. Faz¥ cant type a post right now he is in tha bathroom pukin up breakfast n last night spaghetti. As a matter of fact after lookin at these shoes he may need therapy.

  6. DAMN!

    these bitches are bout the uglest jays

    ever seen! this is why i dnt even mess with

    any fusions that came out. you killin the

    jordan culture with this shit man.

    But i dont see these even hittin the racks

  7. wats up with all these damn ugly ass color ways for these fusions the only one worth coppin are the black cement ones, they really killing the 3s with this kind of shit

  8. is JB really thinkin bout sellin these or r they juss sum knock offs cuz ive seen this website put out a few fusions that have this same poor quality n JB is known for good quality

  9. the person who came up with this color way should be shot stabbed hung and burne cause that is by far the worst piece of shit i have ever seen in a long time i woud rather rock starburys then these that sneaker is just a discrace to Nike and Jordan both

  10. yo dis motha fukkers is ugly as fukkk….wtf is jb doing …real talk….sad to say but if these release i bet 99.9% of the people that live in da hood or dont kno nuttin bout jays will copp these and rock jus b/c it has a jordan symble.. sry to say but das real talk….fukk these ugly ass fusions!!!!

  11. These hoes is fake you can tell by the shoes laces, cement print and the leather on these hoes… and it suppose to be a jumpman on the tounge too!!!

  12. No air bubble, no Jordan symbol, hell, look at the bottom of the shoe and tell that that is the Nike Swoosh with the word NIKE above it.

  13. You know what? It really don't matter that these are fakes. If they were real thay'd be the same fuckin stupid ass colorway, and that's the wack part. Are you tellin me if they didn't look fake you'd wear them? Just a lame idea(fusions of any kind) going where I knew it would go! To hell.1

  14. Hi!

    My name is Attila from Hungary!

    (my english is shit, sorry)

    Please help me!

    I need a AIR JORDAN symbol picture ….high quality (minimum 640+480, if it is smaller (little bit) no problem…the colour….. nevermind

    i found more picturs, but their sizes too small for me….ex(128*128) (360+120)…ok

    Or pls send me that site, where i can find it!



    peace 4ever

  15. these shits are so ugly, if someone offered them to me for free i wouldnt take them….better luck next time to the shoemaker

  16. Wtf ! Deez shitz iz ugli az hell and dey fake . If u gon make sum fakez atleast make em look decent damn ! Who eva made deez shud b ashamed of demselvez . Ugh ! Makez me wanna thro up

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