jordan 1 premier red army 332134-631

Although November isn’t for a few weeks, the upcoming Air Jordan 1 High Premium is like most Air Jordans and has released early on the internet. The Air Jordan 1 High Premier consists of a simple color-way of varsity red and dark. In addition, the sneakers also feature multi-colored laces. An assortment of sizes has been spotted on the ‘bay days before its initial release on November 8th. However, if you cannot wait till next month, you will have to pay a price to get your hands on these early. Click here to follow this and many others in our Air Jordan release date page.

Air Jordan I Retro Hi Premier
Release Date: November 8, 2008
Style # 332134-631
Colorway: Varsity Red/Dark Army-White

Retail Price $115.00

jordan 1 premier red army 332134-631
jordan 1 premier red army 332134-631
jordan 1 premier red army 332134-631
jordan 1 premier red army 332134-631


  1. to be honest i'm somewhat feelin these. But i'ma old head, and i wear size 12. Which means these big red joints would look like clown shoes on me. However, I may copp just to have an extra pair to wear to BULLS games.

    What i DON'T like is the weathered looking brushed suede swoosh… people don't typically rock jordans for the vintage look. If they do have OGs, they try to keep em new. What does JB think about when they design their MF'in shoes?? They Certainly don't design for the cats who have been ridin with them from day one.

  2. This really is starting to get ridiculous!!!!

    Who the hell at JB is designing these shoes & coming up with these colorways???? ….Blind, retarded, dissabled, brain damaged monkeys??!!! WTF!

  3. ^^ i feel you, fire…

    i didnt look at these very closely b4…but damn, they have red suede ALL on em too. Horrible.

    What a mess. These are a no cop.

    JB got Liberace designing for them now?

  4. you know what thought occurred to me last night? maybe JB releases these ugly fusions and models because they figure people would only look to buy the numbered line. so by releasing these fusions and models, people are going to be like "ohhh no JB what are you DOING?" or "WACK. JB is going down a hole that they cnt seem to get out of"

    but when a BOMB shoe is getting ready to drop, EVERYBODY (including you matt haha) gets hyped up and happy about it. "JB FINALLY you redeem yourself!"

    think about its actually kinda like math

    1)wack models and fusions=bad

    release CDP packages, retros in original colors = very good hype builds, excitement, lines, sellouts (mostly)


    2)only retro jordans, no new models=somewhat good. theres no hype for it, people are just like soo yeah theyre retroing the grape 5's AGAIN this saturday…


    get what i mean guys? idk it was just a thought

    lemme know if you agree or disagree

  5. swaggs:

    I get what you're saying and I somewhat agree. I dont think they intentionally make bad shoes… In the case of these fusions and ugly models they release, I think its more so, "Lets make some shit that may sell a lot, but only cost us pennies to make…." (most of these hybrids feel cheap)

    That coupled with the fact that there are no retros planned so far for the first quarter of next year and its looking like your plan: BS Release, okay release, good release, BS release, and then all of a sudden (for instance): THEY RETRO THE AJVII BORDEAUX's unchanged!!!! ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and they are vindicated!

    I totally agree though with the notion of retro's consistently dropping = less excitement.

    If I could get any shoe retro'd in original colorways, I would buy them all at once and be through with JB as a whole. They wont do that.

    From a business perspective it's like selling an office building whole vs. leasing by suites. You make more money off leasing.

    That's just my take 🙂

  6. the inside looks like velvet along with the toe area. looks like a comfyass shoe i'll tell u that, AND it looks kinda classy to me

  7. other pic yall had up made them look alot better..this one has me rethinking coppin em.. i guess ill have to see them in person..

  8. These WiLL b Slept on they R a ColD paiR i wont b Coppin cuz ima B BRoke From the 3/20 bt You Guys shouldn't sleep on them

  9. Hey for some reason I like these!

    They got some potential for real.

    Id rock these hard as hell.

    Thats jst me

  10. Richay14,

    All AJ1's feel the same to me. They are primitive in terms of support and comfort for a basketball shoe.

    And I wear a size 12 so I definitely feel Brennan on the whole "CLOWN FEET" thing.

  11. I'm not so sure about these silly jordans. I want a pair to customize. I would definitely need to change few things.

  12. Swags,

    I think you are somewhat on track. I think JB does a good job of supplying just enough actual retros to keep the demand for them very high. All these fusions that are coming out are still selling extreemly well, so why not release as many of em as they can? Most hard core collectors dont buy fusions, its newbie’s that dont know much about J’s. However, the newbie’s buy enough fusions and really get into the brand and buy J’s for life. They have to come up with something to fill the void between numbered shoes. Numbered retros sell nomatter what. JB is really smart. Keep retros in high demand, releasing every once in a while and selling out usually, and sell these team J’s, Fusions, and mutant J’s and make a ton of money. Ikonradio made some good points about hype and what not. Its all in their business plan

  13. First off, I'm feelin these purely for the Lifestyle look (you'd get laughed off the court in these) But as far as the other discussion, it's pretty obvious what jb is doing. They try to boost the price of retros by releasing straight crap. It's not like they don't no that they're releasing crap. When any of their retro colorways release they sell out in minutes why, because people are tired of the crap! they already have money, it's not like they can't afford to do this so they do, its a strategy

  14. JB needs 2 stop makin jz LS. cuz that aint right 2 ppl who got small feet. Plus some kickz b lookin fly wid ppl who got small feet.

  15. CAN WE SAY GUCCI JORDANS. These will be slept on real hard. I will be coppin 2 so in 6 or 7 yrs people will be lookin for these joints and they will be on my feet. I really dig the materials. Maybe premier means better materials. I wont complain about the drops. I just wont be buying them if I dont like them. MJ alreasy has cash so this is not about wanting more doe. They are jus running a business here peeps. JB consist of alll kinds of people. I really like G Humphrey really coo kat. Thanks for making something worth while.

  16. i think jordan is dropping funky colors just to compete with the hype of sb's. im pretty sure they have lost lots of business to them and they just are trying to get a hold of things

  17. Thess aree FIRE! I know a lot of people don't like em, but i LOVE em. These will def be on my feet. Shit, maybe ill even get them off ebay right now!

  18. diz shoessz r so fucking hotttttttttttttt lmao dont fuck hatterszzzz with these jordannzzzzzzzzzz r thee most fuckkshitt in diz world jordan to death………

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