Primitive skate shop, p-rod's store. Encino, ca
Image courtesy of Herman Jimenez –

A few weeks ago, Sneaker Files rolled through Primitive Skate Shop. Primitive is owned by Nike SB sponsored skater Paul Rodriguez (AKA P-Rod). Our day at Primitive was filled with unpredictable surprises, including a cameo by the one and only Danny Way! The Primitive crew treated us to a tour of the meticulously sculpted boutique which is impressively stocked with hard to find sneakers, clothing, and accessories  (all at retail prices).

We arrived at 2pm and it was impossible to find a way to bounce before dusk!

Primitive < Peep the website for new arrivals and place your order by phone! 17060 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316 Phone orders: 818.479.7171 - tell them Sneaker Files sent you for 10% off!


Primitive Website
Danny Way’s Website
Danny Way Video from David Letterman appearance

Danny Way Great Wall of China Jump
Herman Jimenez –

Read the rest of this entry for more about our day, including detailed store imagery.

Nike What The Dunk Retail Box - Not For Sale!

Primitive Skate Shop By Paul Rodriguez

Primitive is embedded with artefactual memorabilia, original graffiti art, original photography, and awards of P-Rod’s career achievements.

Primitive Skate Shop Nike SB Bench
P Rod's Maloof Cup

Shortly after arriving at Primitive, the great Danny Way randomly dropped by, telling stories and cracking jokes.

Primitive Skate Shop Crew
L:R Jubal (AKA Mister Cadbury), Danny Way, Awesome Person #1, Awesome Person #2

Never a skater and clueless that I was standing next to a legend; Jubal, Andy, Google, and YouTube soon schooled me to the success of Danny Way and the “Great Jump in China” The most memorable part of meeting the legend came when he inscribed a Skateboard for us with his inspirational formula:

Danny Way Skateboard
Primitive Skate Shop Paul Rodriguez Front


  1. Word what the dunks for 120 CRAZY! check it out if you like hip hop sneakers and graffiti

  2. U kids are idiots, wtf does anything have to do with her holding nikes and rocking adidas? she's not promoting nikes, shes more or less promoting Primitive as a whole, which is a skateshop that doesnt just sell nike sneakers they sell different brands…buncha idiots.

  3. primitive is an awesome shop

    theyre rele gr8

    n its P Rods store

    come one P Rod lol

    i copped the Big Gulp SBs from here!!!

  4. Shorty is koo. The face is aight but the body is bangin. Kinda a big forhead but what da hell. Heard Primitive is a pretty dope shop 2.

  5. holding nikes but rocken adidas….

    but if you came out wit some old school shit, thatll be sick, you know like some air force 1 type shit..

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