What makes a “Grail”?

What makes a “Grail”?


What makes a Grail

As sneakerheads, we are constantly looking for the newest releases, craziest colorways, and shoes that have a special place in our hearts. But what separates a “grail” from a shoe that is over hyped or simply average?

Each of us started collecting for different reasons, whether we fell in love with a shoe that we could never have, or it was just something about a sneaker that screamed “MUST COP”, we all have “grails”.

By definition, a grail is something that is earnestly pursued or sought after. It is that one shoe that we will pay any price for, camp out for days, or constantly check eBay daily to find it.

For me, the Air Jordan 4 has been my first love since day one, but three colorways have stood out more than the rest. The “Cool Grey”, “Thunder“, and “Lightning“. With two out of three found (the “Cool Grey” and “Thunder”), my grail search continues for the “Lightning”.

Let us know in the Comments what makes a “grail” to you and what “grails” you are looking to cop or already own.

  • Bigsneed98

    Yo! My grail sneaker is the Concord 11s. Is wasn’t all that big into Jordan’s as a kid because I knew there was no way in hell my parents would buy me a pair. Plus it wasn’t that big if a deal to me. They were just shoes. But one day that all changed. November of 1995 I was a Sophomore in High School. It was a Wednesday and I was at school. But I noticed that about half the school was missing. So about 4th period I’m sitting in class and midway through class a friend of mine walked in. Then another, then another, then another. The chatter started and those people that walked in became the center of everyone in eye sights attention. I couldn’t see so I didn’t know what the hell was going on. But then I seen them. One of the lamest dudes in my class put his foot up on his desk. I was salivating… It took me 17yrs to get a pair. I missed out on the 2000 Concord release because I had no clue they had dropped. But the 2011s I was for damn sure I was going to get. I’ve had a total of 8 pair all together. One pair I’ve worn into the ground. Three pair I wore but sold on eBay. One pair I have away to a friend but beat believe I wore them first lol. So I have 3 left. Two that I haven’t touched and one I wear. There is no shoe that compares. NONE! Especially when they are brand new fresh white that glows on that clean uncreased black patent leather. It’s like AAAAAAAWWWWW…. When you don a fresh new pair. Best sneaker period. Hands down…

  • brightkicks

    Gotta be the Kobe V Dark Knights and Jokers. Started my whole collection. Doubled up both. Not a hyped up shoe, but people still selling it for 200+

  • Stef

    For me is the Supreme SB Black dunk sb and “Tiffany” dunk sb. Thank goodness i copped the Tiffany before prices are like now, my favorite sneaker of all time. I’ve always love dunks but those 2 is just pure love. My search for the supreme is not over yet though, financially hard too.

  • Shaun D Anderson

    For me a “Grail” is a shoe that I personally want. For Instance, the Chutney 13s lows and the Ginger 14s, which are both Jordans, are shoes that I looked. at and said, these will be special. Before JB started releasing shoes every week, you had shoes tha you had to have because another one wouldn’t release for 2 or 3 months! I wish shoes would still release on Wednesday instead of Saturdays..

  • Casey

    My grail is the Stash BW an Stash Air Force 1 Hi NYC..I get either one of those and I’m done with shoes forever cause there’s nothing I could buy that could top either of those shoes..

  • Razzle Lazzle

    How didn’t you get the Lightning’s on the most recent release? I woke up 8:30 and got them easily…… Slackin on your pimpin

    • Jeremy Nottingham

      Are you confusing the Thunder’s with the Lightnings? Because Jordan Brand hasn’t re-released the lightnings since they dropped back in 2006. They are rumored to return this year though.

      • Razzle lazzle

        Def got em confused…. Same thing tho….

  • Juan

    my grail and what started off my collection was the military 4s it was my first retro shoe was the 06 since i first saw it i thought it looked fresh got 2 pairs of the 2012 and another grail was the thunder 4s back then when i didnt know hot to tell from fakes and real jays i boght 2 fake thunders but then i got my revenge when i bought 2 pairs last year when they dropped

    • Jeremy Nottingham

      Nice!! Glad you were able to cop two pairs of the Thunders. They are an amazing shoe and colorway.

  • Ed Folden

    Man great topic! I have 3 grails… OG Space Jams first pair of kicks I copped when I got my first job back in ’06 I want another pair. Nike Foamposite Pro Black/Voltage and Nike Hyperdunk McFly…the search continues

    • Jeremy Nottingham

      Thank you! and all those shoes are amazing. I haven’t seen the Hyperdunk McFly in person yet but they look really dope.

  • Hansolo2345

    My grails are the green Goblin Filightposite 1. I’ve been a FP1 fan since ’99. My favorite Nike model of all time. Still tryna gett $700+ to get a pair. Im a 23 year old OG sneakerhead. i’ve been into sneakers since I was 4 or 5 it was love at first sight. Started with the British knights and LA gears.

  • Ezra

    To me a grail is the sneaker that you really wanted but was never able to purchase either for quantity reasons or financial reason. My two grail were the infrared and black 6 which I got in the pack. My second grail is the Maroon/white aJ 6 in which I have not been able to find no where my size. I hope they release next year.

  • Ordaneary

    To me, a “grail” would be a shoe that would be rare, or unique to you; a shoe that you have bought and would never let go of. My grail is the Nike Foamposite One Anthracite.

  • Dj Jo5eSanchez

    “Holy Grail”…..I recently copped my Indiglo14! now I am in search of Black Laser4s!

  • capt’n backslap

    if something is retro’d, its not even in the discussion of a grail, because it leaves it open for fakes…

    Air Command Force. THE holy grail of nikes….