Video: Air Jordan XIII (13) Bred (Black/Red) 2013

Video: Air Jordan XIII (13) Bred (Black/Red) 2013


Our first 2013 video showing is on the Air Jordan 13 Black/Red aka “Bred”.

Not quite to original form, except for the mesh uppers will not feature 3M on the 2013 Air Jordan XIII Bred. It is actually silver dots, almost like a pinstripe.

The Jordan 13 Black/Red 2013 does feature red suede around the midsole that runs up the side panel and heel, black suede on the tongue, tumbled leather on the toe box, white “paws” on the sole, carbon plate and of course the beloved hologram at the heel.

A specific release date has not been announced yet, but the Air Jordan 13 Black/Red is expected to drop in February 2013. You can pick up a pair now at

Air Jordan XIII (13) Bred Black Red 2013 Video Review

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  1. Remember when you used the 3M reflection to make sure that the shoe were real. Nike/Jordan might as well just be selling variants to people at this point. What’s the point of buying these? That took away all the credibility of this shoe. But these dumbass kids will camp out for hours for these and pay twice the retail when they sell out, thinking that they’re doing something. Smh

  2. Yeah and the bred 11’s are coming in a regular box. NOT, REALLY RESEARCH IT! I think that the real deal will have 3M or at least I hope. Would be insane to not have the 3M in the mesh. I honestly think this is just a way to help the company’s making replicas sell them by again pointing readers to believe their fake pre release shoes are real. With some shoes they do a better job than others. I’m guessing its been so long sense they released a XIII with black mesh and 3M they don’t have correct stolen materials to work with like they have had with the slough of 4’s and 11’s being faked.

    • Your trippin Loc. I literally got 1 to rock and 1 to stock 2010 Flints and they sure as hell do have 3M. Fake 2010 Flints don’t have 3M. Newer Retros just have less 3M guaranteed. Look at a picture of the 2010’s with the Flash on the camera. This is 100% fact.

      • doesn’t matter i have 04s 3m makes the shoe and these look horrible and without 3m or less 3m these are trash jb really fucked up smh there is no shoe game just shoes being produced for money from these foolish little kids coppin’ them