Unlock Code To Purchase Limited Edition Nike LeBron 11 in NBA 2K14

Unlock Code To Purchase Limited Edition Nike LeBron 11 in NBA 2K14


Unlock Code To Purchase Limited Edition Nike LeBron 11 in NBA 2K14

For all of you sneakerheads out there who have NBA 2K14, for either the PS4 or Xbox One, you might want to go ahead and get started on your MyPLAYER as soon as possible. According to Nike, they will be providing all of you sneaker fiends with the opportunity to pre-order an unknown colorway of the Nike LeBron XI as long as you have the necessary access code from 2K14. Just in case you were wondering how you go about getting the previously mentioned code, we have all the details posted right after the jump. Check them out and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Unlock Code To Purchase Limited Edition Nike LeBron 11 in NBA 2K14

How To Become Eligible:

-Register in-game with a 2K Sports online account.

-Create a custom MyPLAYER in-game.

-Complete at least 60 season games and earn an elite player ranking.

-Accept Nike Endorsement Path and be one of the first fans to create a Signature Shoe in the Innovation Kitchen.

-Earn the opportunity to purchase by becoming a Nike superstar in-game.

How To Order With An Access Code:

-Once eligible, you will see an in-game congratulatory message from LeBron James inviting you to purchase this limited-edition LeBron 11.

-You’ll be emailed a unique 16-digit access code. Visit www.nike.com/2K14, use your access code to unlock the order page, and pre-order your shoes. Limit one per access code.

-Nike will ship the shoes when they arrive in March 2014.

-Pre-orders are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. A unique access code does not guarantee Nike will have the shoes in stock. Nike reserves the right to deactivate access codes or ban users at any time if fraudulent activity is detected.

Nike LeBron 11 2K14

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    I think its only for ps4 Matt Singer

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    Fuck outt here

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    Secrets out, teenage kids gonna but putting mad hours in

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    God dam that’s a lot of shit for some kicks

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    Its for both systems

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  • Megatron729

    Astax26 how many games did it take you to become an elite player?  I am at 60 games just about and haven’t gotten the nike deal yet or become elite.  I am up for mvp won allstar game and all stuff that but haven’t gotten the deal yet or need to become elite.

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    Love them, need them in my life

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    I got my shoe, information is very misleading. You don’t get the shoes as soon as you complete 60 games. You get the code towards the last game of the season .

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