Tayana Taylor Gets Dropped From Adidas

Tayana Taylor Gets Dropped From Adidas



While Teyana Taylor claims to have had the “fastest selling Adidas of all time,” it is believed that her recent Twitter beef with Rihanna may have influenced Adidas’ decision to drop her from the brand.

A success in itself, Teyana quickly became a poster-child for young teens and fans over the past year and half with the release of her “Harlem  GLC” and “Diary of a Dark Knight” sneakers which both sold out instantly. Unfortunately, the parting of Adidas and Teyana Taylor comes during a pivotal point in time where Kanye West signs with Adidas and Drake signs with Jordan Brand.

As celebrities like Tyga and Big Sean maintain their stay with Reebok and Adidas, respectively, Kanye West joins the Adidas family by inking a $10 million contract with royalties – a deal that Nike apparently wouldn’t give Kanye because he wasn’t an “athlete”. Did Adidas let go of Teyana to clear up some “cap space” for Kanye? Did her actions hinder her longevity with the brand, or did Adidas not see a promising future from a business standpoint? How does she feel?

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  • Yung WeBer Lee

    fuck Adidas lol Nike baby!

  • Dave Pounds

    And in more important news…

  • King Mani


  • Georgios GEuros Greekopoulos

    making room for Kanye lol

  • Kepoy Ramos M

    They needed to make a room for yeedidas

  • Cody Shimek

    Never heard of her

  • D Allen Williams

    Because she’s always wearing J’s.

  • L.j. Bennett

    In other news…….my TarHeels won tonight!

  • Joshua Stillmunks

    Yanix Ortiz II

  • Dru Epati-Smith

    You cant go wrong with js

  • Al Gonzalez

    nobody gives a shit

  • Yanix Ortiz II

    No more Teyana Taylors :/

  • Shawna Lynn

    She wears J’s mainly but she did rock the Adidas and made them hotter than ever. I’m not buying no more Adidas if she’s not on the label sticking with J’s

  • Bryan Walton

    Damn Tee Tee

  • Germany Wisco Myles

    Thank god. She fucking sucked.

  • Brian Carries


  • Shawna Lynn

    Kanye sucks will not buy

  • Jerron J-reezy Seeley

    They got to pay Kanye

  • William Cox

    She should have showed more ass

  • Steven Bryant

    I bet kanye had something to do with it!

  • Sole Mate

    She ain’t make the cut. D. rose is next

  • Cedric Warner

    That shit gotta hurt! #KanyeVoice

  • Dáshing Randy Singleton

    drop em from the teammmmmm

  • Saeed Slicebread Chambers

    For fucking yeezus

  • Alphonso Y’o Thompson

    Thats nutty. Like really

  • Makaveli Tha Don


  • Bzo Glover

    Itz crazy. Teyana Taylor i$ Kanye Arti$t wit G.O.O.D Mu$ic. Kanye ju$t got hi$ addida$ deal n then they drop Teyana. Datz Ironic.

  • trentbg

    …for having a puck face.

  • Allen Montrae Gooden IV


  • Shannon Shorter

    They drop her to sign yezzy

  • Shannon Shorter

    They drop her to sign yezzy

  • Erk Summers

    Smh set up

  • Marcus Willis

    Who is she anyway?

  • Marcus Willis

    Who is she anyway?

  • Gain Green

    she super right tho

  • Gwheyohn ‘pronounced Way-on’ Gerring

    i am quite sure she will be collaborating with kanye in some sort of way. she gets dropped and kanye gets picked up about 2 weeks later…

  • Sharod Taylor

    Damn. That’s fucked up!

  • Gerry Villegas

    Thats what happens when bitches dont know how to act ….ADIDAS did a reality check ✔️

  • David Price

    Thats fucked up lets get some nikes boo

  • Andre McCoy

    U c Kanye…look wht u did!!!! lol

  • Dnice Streetwize


  • Dereck Richards

    They cant afford kanye and this bitch lol

  • Adam Wuest

    Who’s this dumb bitch?

  • Von Mckeever

    I got a question wat the he’ll do she really do..idk knw here for shit but a shoe..but I hope she better in 2014