Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One – Release Date + Info

Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One – Release Date + Info



After months of speculation and buzz-worthy news, the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One will finally release in its entirety this week! To get you prepared, Supreme has just released official images and release date information. Check it out!

With the Nike Air Foamposite One set to arrive in two colorways (red and black), Supreme will also offer a matching apparel collection to correspond with the kicks that have since left everyone in a frenzy. Are you ready?

If so, mark your calendar as the shoes ($250 each), the basketball jerseys ($110 each), and mesh shorts ($110 each) all release through the Supreme New York, L.A., London and online store this Thursday, April 4th followed up by a Japan release on April 5th.

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  • Joe Mendoza


  • Danny ONeill

    It’ll cost you your life to cop these

  • Joseph Ramos

    i just need one.. sold one of my legs to buy em

  • Danny ONeill

    I think the reds should have been white

  • Silvestre BM

    Gonna be on eBay for $1K+ LMFAO! XD

  • Peter Anton

    Sherry Anton

  • Kristena King


  • Leland Mrdontdoittooem Canty

    Its too many dropping back to back to back goddamn the Yeezy foams drop next week

  • Eddie Redice

    by far the worst foamposite 1s ever released and those new lil penny posites are the worst of the worst

  • Koffi S Agb

    nike ya needa hit da pause button, ya putin out too much!

  • Freddie Rivera


  • Alexander Bernarte

    Miresh Kanagarajah

  • Carlo Narcelles

    And now there’s a line outside supreme in soho

  • Miresh Kanagarajah

    Alexander Bernarte fyfaen..

  • Tony Jenkins Jr.

    I look at these and I say to myself… why?

  • Tony Jenkins Jr.

    They testing the community seeing how much they can get away with…. wit resellers funding them they could put out a heat release every two days and be selling out… they jusy spreading it out a lil… in the end shoes wont be as cool to us who really want them and everyone will be either on top of the reselling or a victim to it while nike cashes out…

  • DJ_joseSanchez

    Just passed Supreme Soho and theirs a flock of people waiting in the rain. There is maybe about 25-30 people standing.