Stores Selling the Nike Air Yeezy 2

Stores Selling the Nike Air Yeezy 2


Stores Selling the Nike Air Yeezy 2

We have received a ton of emails, tweets and messages asking which stores are selling the Nike Air Yeezy 2, and today we have compiled a list.

One thing is for sure, most House of Hoops locations will NOT have the Air Yeezy 2! So if you plan on getting lucky from HoH, make sure to call today.

We will continue adding to the list, but for now these store locations will have the Nike Air Yeezy 2 in limited quantities. Make sure to call because some locations are doing raffles. If your store is getting the Yeezy 2 and want to add them to the list, please email us.

Check out the insane prices they are going for:

USA Stores: Air Yeezy 2

California: ATTIC2ZOO, Bows and Arrows (Berkeley), House of Hoops Beverly Center Mall (Los Angeles), Nike Montalban (Los Angeles), Proper (Los Angeles), Shiekh (Culver City + San Francisco), UNDFTD (San Francisco + Los Angeles)
Colorado: Family Affair (Denver),
Connecticut: Salvins Shoes (Hartford)
Indianapolis: Got Sole Boutique
Illinois: RSVP Gallery (Chicago), Succezz (Chicago), St. Alfred (Chicago)
Louisiana: Sneaker Politics
Florida: Mr. R Sports (Miami), Soles Inc (Miami), unknwn (Miami)
Georgia: Fresh Sneaker Boutique (Bonaire), Wish (Atlanta)
Maryland: DTLR (Baltimore) Mondawmin Mall Only
Massachusetts: Bodega (Boston), Concepts (Boston)
Michigan: Burn Rubber (Detroit)
Minnesota: Phenom
New Jersey: TakeOverNJ
New York: Atmos NYC (New York), Dr. Jays (New York), Extra Butter (Rockville Centre), Kith NYC (Brooklyn), House of Hoops (Harlem + New York), Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer (New York), Premium Goods (Brooklyn), West NYC (New York)
Nevada: CRSVR (Las Vegas), House of Hoops (Las Vegas), UNDFTD (Las Vegas)
North Carolina: Social Status (Charlotte)
Ohio: Corporate (Cincinnati)
Oregon: Compound (Portland)
Pennsylvania: Ubiq (Philadelphia)
Rode Island: Sneaker Junkies (Providence)
Tennessee: The Vault (Memphis)
Washington: Rock Paper Scissors (Seattle)
Washington DC: DTLR

Canada Stores: Air Yeezy 2

Montreal: Exclucity, Off The Hook
Vancouver: DIPT, Livestock
Ottawa: NRML
Toronto: Nike Town

Europe Stores: Air Yeezy 2

Amsterdam: Patta
Barcelona: Sivasdescalzo
Germany: Solebox (Berlin), Glory Hole Shop (Hamburg), Good Will Out (Cologne)
Italy: Slam Jam
London: 1948, Nike Town
New Castle: End Clothing
Paris: colette, Nike Stadium
Scotland: Hanon
Switzerland: Grand (Zurich)

Asia Stores: Air Yeezy 2

Hong Kong: Juice
Japan: Nike Harajuku
Philippines: Titan

Other Locations

New Zealand: Loaded
Australia: Espionage (Sydney), Laced (Brisbane), Sure Store (Melbourne)

Where to buy the Nike Air Yeezy 2

  • monk41

    Miami: Solesinc? Shoegallery?

  • AustinTaughtYou

    Shop Gentei has been closed for about a year and HOH’s have not been officially confirmed. mainly boutiques

  • fardin

    scratch out huf………… and goods.

    • Jeremy

      Goods is closed bro

    • steve

      huf is on the list… sf undefeated… same thing

      • Alex

        They already sold out. There more than 40 people out here right now.

  • Deontray

    Phenom in Minneapolis, Mn is getting them.

  • AustinTaughtYou

    this looks like the list of the original yeezy release

  • P.A’s Finest

    Yea cause Motive been closed for a minute!

  • frank

    denver: family affair, sneaks – both confirmed

  • cours

    shits fake

  • Sy Knox

    12 pairs all way down here in N.Z. (new Zealand ) at Loaded store

  • J- Stacks

    Premium Goods in Houston is not getting them. i was in the store yesterday.

    • lahlo

      PG NY is getting them just because they say no they rant don’t be surprised when they do

  • Gee

    Anyone know where in dallas?

    • Mike

      I was wondering the same thing?

      • bill

        they arent i called everybody

    • Jayon

      Nice Kicks Homie 2815 B Guadalupe Street Austin, TX 78705
      (512) 320-8100

  • Tarheelsswag

    Anybody know if anywhere in Charlotte getting pairs?

    • Prettyscars

      Social Status are getting them in Carlotte, but they are doing a raffle and if they pick your number, you have 72hrs to buy the shoes.

    • C Williams

      Social Status on Central bro…..but the camping aspect of it is done. Each $100 spent, will get a raffle ticket. Good Luck

  • CaseKicks

    Corporate in Cincinnati is getting them..They’re doing a raffle w/proceeds going to charity..


    Anywhere in Maryland or Virginia (DMV)

    • AIR

      Baltimore and DC

  • Mookie

    Taiwan: INVINCIBLE
    Philippines: Titans

  • Forrest

    Anyone in Oregon? Or Washington?

  • Joseph

    Kith isn’t getting them at all. Neither locations. My sister goes out with their buyer..they was supposed to get them but Nike decided to give that shipment to HOH 34 last minute since there’s so much people there and they don’t want a riot

  • Larry

    I live in Chi and Succezz (Chicago)it the worst shop. They are a bunch of scam artist. As always they will do an auction on these and keep the profits. I don’t have 7K to fork up for a paid nor would I want to. If I wanted to overpay Id just grab them on Ebay. Hopefully St. lured gets them.

    • BLa

      They are bullshit. I can’t believe Nike is letting that go down. What happened to retail????

  • GQ

    ummmmm no Cali?? wtf


    … and you failed to mention one of the top boutiques in colorado getting them … its called SNEAKS …

  • Janmei

    Social Status in Pittsburgh is also getting them

  • Doc

    Shooting a documentary film on the new “civil rights” movement among youth of our time: the desperate need to identify and then consume products like sneakers and then so be enslaved by them.

    If there are riots in NYC-area stores, even better. Let the camera capture that and indict the cretinist culture that now defines consumer America.

  • J rod

    No love in Michigan ain’t that some bullshit what’s the point of having HOH

  • Delok

    ATTIC2ZOO IN CALIFORNIA will do a raffle instead of camping. A bit easier of a hassle!

  • blakklung

    No CA stores?? bullshitttt

  • diego v

    chicago stores are doing silent auctions…. bs.

  • blik

    What about Arizona??????????????????/

  • omj

    anybody know where to get them in tampa,fl

  • Lcm

    Nwhat about Arizona !? Whats going on nike!? We get no love!?
    F@$k Nike!!!!!

  • Icerain

    Anywhere in DC/MARYLAND/VIRGINIA?????

  • triple6er

    Compound, in Portland, is doing their release the best way. EVERYONE has a chance to get them because of the raffle. And if you don’t have 3bucks for a raffle ticket you shouldn’t even be in line. I’m pumped that I actually have a chance to get these bitches.

  • BuckCity229

    no korea release!? sucks to be stationed here smh!!!

    • SGTLEE

      Only KASINA store sells Yeezy 2.
      probably u know where Hong-dae is. and you don need to camp. they rafflin.
      If you need more info, just reply.

      • BuckCity229

        I be in hong-dae every weekend and I don’t know.where that store is. But they wont have my size 12.5

        • SGTLEE

          next to the CLUB NB.
          but they don have 12.5.
          sorry about that….

  • Spitta

    expressions footwear in random locations throughout ct, ma, and ri. xsquared boston has them but has put their release on hold due to selling raffle tickets for profit


    South Korea:KASINA (wowsan store only)

  • Youngflysin

    With all due respect this list is Bullsh*t. NO Dr.Jays have confirmed the release

  • Pukmon

    If no.luck..just buy replica..they are made in the same factory in china..

  • anonymous

    in china they getting them but only in shanghai and beijing

    Shanghai: Juice Shanghai
    Beijing : NPC – New Project Center


  • Mitch

    Can anyone tell me if the website nikeairyeezy-2s dot com is a scam or not? I have a feeling it is but I’m not totally for sure.

    • Sneaker Files

      That site sells fakes.