Stephon Marbury Brings Back the Starbury in China



    I bet you would have never thought you would see Stephon Marbury back in relevance these days, but Mr. Starbury is actually doing fairly well on the other side of the globe in China. When Marbury’s Starbury line debuted, it made headlines for introducing affordable basketball sneakers for under $50. It initially was an intriguing story and a bright spot in Marbury’s career, well at least outside from the court. Unfortunately it did not take long for his sneaker business to take a hit. His Starbury sneaker line fell apart due to Steve and Barry’s bankruptcy. When Steve and Barry’s disappeared, Marbury needed a new way to sell his shoes. The natural place to let his brand continue and grow was of course China where he played professionally after leaving the NBA. Marbury joined forces with the owner of the team he plays for, the Froshan Longshi, to manufacture, sell, and distribute his sneakers all across China. Marbury has had tremendous success in China, raking in what is reported to be millions for his company. An image from an event introducing the newest Starbury sneaker has popped up. Expect to see some more news come up, but do not expect a stateside release. Chances of the Starbury line returning to the states seem to be rather slim right now.



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