Starks Laces Tribe Concrete – Cement

Starks Laces Tribe Concrete – Cement


Starks Laces Tribe Concrete - Cement

One of the first forms of customizing a pair of sneakers was changing laces. People would add jewels, color them, or even switch out different laces with other sneakers.

Starks Laces has made it much easier. Laces released in the past matched pairs such as the Nike Air Force, and now a new pair matching the Air Jordan Spizike.

The name of the new laces are called Tribe Concrete, and as you can see looks just like Cement print. Starks Laces had some inspiration from Tribe Called Quest, but the color scheme matches the Jordan Spizike Black/Green/Red the best.

This is a early preview and will be available at Stark Laces soon.


  1. im getting like 10 of these laces TRIBE CALLED QUEST is my fave. HIP HOP GROUP ,Q-TIP 4 LIFE shot out to PHIFE and Ali and Dan910 The COLORS DO MATCH YOU RETARD ARE YOU COLOR BLIND OR JUST STUPID

  2. The colours arent supposed to match the shoe.. theyre 'tribe concrete' not spizike concrete. Its just a coincidence theyre red and green… go look at one of their album covers……

  3. ^^ theyre ‘tribe concrete’ not spizike concrete.^^

    So true! Check the rhyme, er…..laces, y'all!

    I'm going to get me some and rok them with different kicks….maybe some Black Cats.

  4. Congrats, you now have a Christmas Tree on your foot.

    Attention Sneaker Files writers:

    Its not called "Cement Print" its called ELEPHANT PRINT!!!!!

    Cement = Grey Color

    Elephant Print = is the funky design that looks like the wrinkled skin of an elephant

    Get it straight and stop confusing all the newbies and kids out there on sneaker terminology.

  5. wow , sneakerfiles is running outta stuff to write , cuz laces like these of sneakers that came out about 1 year ago come on pick up you're game these laces aint even fresh laces for me atleast are suppose to be what makes a sneaker pop out , so just wearing matching laces are whack maybe if you threw ona a random color but whack!