SneakerHead Spotlight: MrJones904

SneakerHead Spotlight: MrJones904


This week MrJones904 is featured as our SneakerHead Spotlight.

Johnathan aka MrJones904 is originally from Jacksonville Florida, but currently resides in Orlando. If you go through his channel on YouTube, you will see that he has some very nice kicks in his collection, but he has only been collecting for a year.

We asked MrJones904 some questions like What was his first pair of sneakers he purchased that led him to collecting and what is the top 3 sneakers in his collection.

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SneakerHead Spotlight: MrJones904

  • Steve-o

    I like how he gave all praise to god first and foremost. He realize he’s truly blessed & the fact that he can view his collection as a blessing.

  • Deezy2021

    God/Jesus does not approve of wordly possessions so you really cant thank Him for blessing you with shoes, very ironic and inconsistent. rather, you should help out to the needy to show God that He is the most important thing in your life and not some prized possessions then you will truly be blessed.