SneakerHead Spotlight: mrFOAMERSIMPSON

SneakerHead Spotlight: mrFOAMERSIMPSON


Another week down which means it’s time for our SneakerHead Spotlight and today we feature mrFOAMERSIMPSON.

Mike aka mrFOAMERSIMPSON started his YouTube channel about 3 months ago and uploads his latest pickups, events he attends and some funny short skit videos. Brands he showcases are Nike, Air Jordan, Reebok and New Balance.

Like every week we asked mrFOAMERSIMPSON 3 questions, one being “What are his 3 latest pickups”. To find out what they are and the other questions asked watch the video!

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SneakerHead Spotlight: mrFOAMERSIMPSON

  • Juice

    Gay ass lookin wigger

    • Macho

      That’s love shout out Foamer.. Lol at the hater above me.. Fuck outta here..-Macho

  • Zae757

    ^^^ yea, ur ignorant…I dig the shoes, think I’m gona hav to tak the L n juss drop 400 on dem red foams…

  • Juice

    Yo foamer i just bought a pair of 420 skunk dunks cuz of you, u fukin wigger

  • Juice

    Lol fuck u macho man , the nature boy ric flairs the man WOOOOO!!

  • Foamer

    ayo Juice u mad doggy?? yeah u mad lmao