SneakerHead Spotlight: Deftronic

SneakerHead Spotlight: Deftronic


This week’s SneakerHead Spotlight shines the light on our good friend, Deftronic.

Residing in New York, Def shows us some of his favorite kicks in his collection… including a pair he is keeping on ice for when the time is right.

You can check out Deftronic daily at, you can follow him on twitter @Deftronic as well as subscribe to Deftronic on YouTube.


  • Airfresh23Js

    Yo this guy is a moron! SUPER DOPE! I mean who speaks like that and eats like that. Smacking his lips on some cookies. Guy sounds like he is 600 pounds. I just wanna smack some sense into him.

    • JaeHow

      I was sayin da same thing brah, i played wanted to play it on mute da whole time. aw dat smackin was irritating and pissing me off

  • J crack

    Hat a damn ass

  • jada

    hell yeah if you gonna make a video bout some fire kicks go head…. but dont b talkin through the whole video smackin your lipz likess your sukin on a big ass dick

  • zae757

    the shoes he showed was str8 especially the deadstock XI’s but real talk, who wears sneakers on their wedding day? when he grows up, he’ll understand that even though there might b a passion for sneakers, you still hav to get ur grown man on…#sn, dont talk smacking on cookies while talkin, n u made the sounds falsely…it sounds lik u blowin on a dude real talk…aside from that, i dig the kicks…

  • iLL

    yeah deftronic your kicks is wack and soo are You. . . take them cookiez and shove em uP your wwf watching a ss, BY FAR THE WORST EPISODE OF SNEAKERHEAD SPOTLIGHT. . . and i Love watching the show. . . but c’mon def keep it professionaL . . . that shii waz wack Like a muffukka

  • zach brown

    the cookie smacking….what a bit**…did he think that was cool to do that or something? Cant you handle a 5 minute break form eating to make your video?? dumb***