SneakerHead Spotlight: bjuno10

SneakerHead Spotlight: bjuno10


This week we feature YouTuber bjuno10 on our SneakerHead Spotlight.

Currently bjuno10 resides in the Bay Area. His videos feature his latest pickups from Air Jordan’s, Nike’s, New Balance, Reebok’s and even Prada.

We asked bjuno10 some questions like what shoes bring him back to his childhood, what is his favorite shoes, and a few more.

Check out bjuno10 videos and Subscribe to him on YouTube.

SneakerHead Spotlight: bjuno10

  • zae757

    i have to say something…SERIOUSLY!!! real talk, the shoes that he’s showing (the Concords, the band I’s)…come the hell on, the two first pair of shoes that he showed half the world has…its been two month since the Concords have dropd and i still see them on a regular basis…the band jordan I’s, come on dude, they drop Jordan I’s like every other month and giv it a new name and color and call it somethin new…I juss want sneakerfiles to get someone wit some exclusives to do a video…the last two ppl, lame!!! i hav all the shoes that they are showing and they are not even exclusive…ur definitely gona hav to step up ur game sneakerfiles (whoever u r) cuz the post u putn up, trash…FYI bjuno, juss say wha u got to say, dnt try to mimic a song becuz u failed horribly at that…

  • jayjones

    U MAD????