Sneaker Files x 2009 Future Sole Design | Side Competition!

Sneaker Files x 2009 Future Sole Design | Side Competition!


Sneaker Files x 2009 Future Sole Design Competition
At the beginning of this month, Nike launched the 2009 Future Sole Design Competition. If you’re a high school student between the ages of 14-19 and being a footwear designer interests you, then entering this competition is a must. Your designs have to be in one of these two categories: Jordan or Nike. The winner of the Future Sole Design Competition will receive $7,000 in designing supplies and equipment, and an expense paid trip to Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon to meet with some head designers. Registration started taking place on April 1st and will run until June 1st.

We at Sneaker Files are adding on to this competition by allowing you to enter your designs to us. We will choose two winners who will each receive a pair of Air Jordans in your size, courtesy of Shoe York. Your designs MUST BE TAGGED in this format (SNEAKERFILES.COM x “YOUR TAG”). Next, upload your design to Photobucket. After all of this is taken care of, you have to send Sneaker Files a message on Twitter (@SneakerFiles) with a link to your design included. The finalists will be announced on August 5th, so be sure to enter! For more information, check out the Future Sole website. Good luck, and do your best!

  • OmegatheBeast

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  • malikersneaker

    I'm too determined not to win. I was born for this.

  • a-Frizyy Fresh

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  • scott

    im sending mine in today. i hope for the best

  • 14

    do u get to choose which jordans you get…i dont want a pair of like fusion 9s!

  • popeyedamc

    yall did happen to notice that its for 14-19 yrs of age! I just assume by the comments posted that a few of you are all seasoned gangstas, i mean you can understand right?? all the ignorant talking torwards each other and stuff, Niccah this and that. one reason why blk people will never have anything!!its a shoe contest, not a talkin shyt contest, or i got more bodies than you contest.

  • OmegatheBeast

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