Sneak Peak: Original Air Jordan Showcase Toronto

Sneak Peak: Original Air Jordan Showcase Toronto


Sneak Peak: Original Air Jordan Showcase Toronto

A small sneak peak for those attending the Original Air Jordan Showcase in Toronto. Nothing better than two desirable Original Air Jordan 1, and as you can see they are both in perfect condition.

But, if for some reason you are not a fan of the Air Jordan 1, expect a ton of other Original Jordans on display. Have a lot of fun everyone.

North Trooper
69 Yorkville Ave. #102
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1B8 Canada

Sneak Peak: Original Air Jordan Showcase Toronto


    second bi@#$



  • T.O.bias

    do you gotta pay to get in?

  • Steve Kluback


  • Derrell "Air De


  • monk41


  • Air23Jay

    i like those sick man

  • Nlove

    Nike is the best shoe company. I often wonder why other shoe companies are still around.

  • T.O.bias

    and if so, how much?

  • Air Jedi


    I live in Puerto Rico and Jordan make an investment in our local basket ball tournament (THE BSN) about 1 million.Now he is the sponsor also too of the National Basket Ball Team……all Jordan shoes and team uniforms……..the better parts is that the rumors said that he is going to open 3 Jordan store (UFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) nOBODY KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS ?

    sEE BELOW..

    On Saturday, January 29, 2008, history was made when the Basketball Senior National Basketball Federation of Puerto Rico and the national team finalized an agreement with Jordan Brand where they will be associated for five years providing uniforms for all teams BSN and national team of elders and youth in all international competitions.

    The President of Basketball Senior National Ing. Felix “Felo” Rivera, was present at the Atlantis Hotel, located on Paradise Island, part of Nassau in the Bahamas over the weekend to close the agreement.

    Among the executives present during the negotiations was Mr. Garry Cook, the new President of Brand Jordan, Ted Clark who is the Chief Operating Officer of Brand Jordan, Richard Marks who works as a retailer of the brand and Todd Washington who is a consultant for Brand Jordan. Management of Brand Jordan will be in our press conference on February 26 where he will present the 2008 season and the teams

    Management also will have a strategic meeting to reach the market in Puerto Rico and will be at the opening match on February 28 at the Coliseum of Puerto Rico.

    The contract will be presented on Tuesday at the meeting of the executive committee of the league for approval and then on Saturday at the meeting of the board of directors. The league has a letter of intent and then if approved will sign the final agreement. The agreement is effective beginning in the 2008 season which begins on February 28.

    “This agreement is extremely important for the BSN that we are going to have a new sponsor in the quality of Brand Jordan,” Rivera said after reaching the agreement.

    Rivera said he had the opportunity to talk with Michael Jordan and the former NBA player is well satisfied engage in this project which is a drive to BSN to become one of the most important leagues of America.

    This agreement, the first carried out by the international brand, provides sports equipment to teams in the league and the rights to sell merchandise in their fields. Brand Jordan also sell the goods of equipment in the stores that will open soon in the island.


  • Eps

    Ricos got served by the K, tough run on sentence hatred.

    Gratz on the show case Toronto, too bad your city is full of suits.

  • chris

    crazy son!!!!!!!!!!

  • madeline

    ur shoes r hot and keep it up with new shoes ight i need new kicks but those shoes are crazy holla at ur girl ight love piece

  • Sneakerfreakbill

    KKK you are so right!

    Im Dominican and i got love for PR but seriously stuff like that should be giving to us , Puerto Ricans are living the good life , not paying taxes and being able to do any u.s citizen task so i agree Puerto Rico shouldn't have this luxury


    damn this nigga jus dissed puerto rican niggaz hard body..
    yeh but i need to get them black n red shits asap…

  • Drew

    Please nobody else comment on KKK’s comment. It was stupid and he just want to get a rise outta people. He’s probably gonna watch this all day to see how many people he upset so ruin his fun and dont comment.

    Anyways, why cant this showcase come to Denver. Sound sweet as hell

  • andy

    damn, i live right around there…is it today only? i have a exam today. gotta go check it out tmr stilll

  • Town Bizznez

    A-J’s iz da best shoes ever made and most succesful, my cousin got the black and red originals and still look krispy. im trying to buy da 7/16 package on june and da 6/17.

  • da_man

    Yo! What number am I??

  • cool

    yea, does anyone know how much u gotta pay to get in?

  • Chino


    Viva La Raza!

  • Kid2hot

    All I Have To Say Is That Dominican Republic Have Better B Ball Players Than puerto rico Believe That Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Life Is A Kick

    Those J's are as crazy as the comments that people have left in this post.

  • TechNutt

    Can never go wrong with classic kicks!


    Nice i'd love some Jordan 1 og's in that condition.

  • yungMoney

    haha, dat kkk white nigga mad stupid He gon c how many ppl type bak at dis shit Gess he mus b mad desperate 4 attention Aniway dem OGs lookin mad fresh afta all dem yearz

  • North Trooper

    Hello everyone, it's free to get in the Original Jordan event. come join the party and have fun on Feb.16th '08

  • eazy

    fucc KKK come to brooklyn wit da shit puzzy azz nigga
    puerto rican power

  • arebeesee

    those are dope. what's with the black swoosh? crazy stuff

  • C.S


  • Eps

    Sorry to fuel the already high level of racism now present in these comments, but really…the dude going "LATINOS STAND UP", you gotta realize your ethnicity is remarked as being the utmost LAZIEST on the face of the earth.

    Getting a latino to "stand up" is probably as unlikely as the Heat making it to the playoffs.

  • osama

    Eps your a fagget…homo…hotdog blower…cocksniffer…mangina eater….nuff said…i bet you wont talk shit in a latino's face…(only on the web)…

  • Josh Jordan

    hey uncle we still hanging out tomorrow peace

  • Eps

    Ok there Osama, be cool, wouldn't want you to get injured as you "stand up" inside that hole in the ground you call home. Then you actually might have a valid reason for being lazy.

    Can we expect pictures of the showcase!?!

  • ogsneakerheadjr

    to much hate, gotta give love to OG black toes.

  • rican tuffness

    sneakerfreakbill your a fool I know you guys are haters they should give it to us lololololololo sorry you platano breath when your people spill as much blood for this country as we then then you can talk,but you agree with a kkk it's expected because you want to be like us you desevre to die a slow death for that and you kkk you guy are out dated lololololo,jordan is a genius of the game,not just any player put money in PR we are talking about the best of the best in history how are you idoits to question that