size? x Nike Air ‘Teal Pack’ | Release Date + Info

size? x Nike Air ‘Teal Pack’ | Release Date + Info



You may now breath a little bit easier as release date information for the size? x Nike Air “Teal Pack” has just been announced.

As we’ve previewed this collection as far back as September, the wait will soon be over when both the Nike Air Max 93 and Nike Air Huarache return in their new purple and teal colorways that have ultimately been inspired the ’90s.

Mark you calendars folks as this size? world exclusive pack becomes available on Black Friday, November 29th through all size? stores in sizes that range from UK 4.5 -11 (half sizes included). Price: Nike Air Huarache (£95) and Air Max 93 (£100).

Stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more.

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