Shoe Store Looted During Los Angeles Lakers Riots – Update

Shoe Store Looted During Los Angeles Lakers Riots – Update


Shoe Store Looted During Los Angeles Lakers Riots - Update

Earlier today we touched on the Holy Grail, a shoe store that was looted after the Los Angeles Lakers conquered the NBA Finals in Orlando. Richard Torres, owner of the Holy Grail, arrived on scene less than an hour after the game ended to find fewer than 20 pairs of shoes out of the 800 he had in stock. Neighbors told Torres and authorities that the celebrants broke down the door to the store yelling, “We want shoes, we want shoes.” Many of the vintage kicks are irreplaceable and the damage to the store’s innards is extensive; glass display cases are shattered, two computers, money, and accessories were looted. Torres estimated the damage at nearly $140,000 but expects to be covered by insurance. He hopes to reopen the Holy Grail by the end of the week. Via LA Times.

Shoe Store Looted During Los Angeles Lakers Riots - Update

  • D. Cole

    this wouldn't have happened in Orlando…

  • Cholly Da Beat Man

    $140K/780 pair = $179.50 per pair. Dude must've had some heat.

  • yeah, there was no way the magic could've beaten the Lakers.

  • SneakerFreaker

    Damn I wish I was there, I would of had 2 Raging Bulls Pack, some Carmines, Eggplants, 1/2 Cents, an some Space Jams all in both arms.

  • ricky

    guess your just like the people in the pic holding the shoe box huh?

  • marvin

    sneakerfreaker, FUCK YOU, i have gotten kicks stolen from me while wearing them, why dont you get a job you lazy ass and stop wishing for easy pickings.

  • big nate

    wow, i must say i really feel for this guy. shows how crazy and greedy people can be, especially over something as simple as a basketball game.

  • LaShaun

    This is so unforunnate…

  • MattyV

    damn 140k now that fuckin sucks no store owner should ever have to go through this and knowing that some shoes that he had can not replace now that fucking pisses me off…my regards richard


    Bunch of low life hood rats looking for a reason to get over on places like holy grail. I hope that they find all of the looters from the pics and rip their balls off. Get a life, it is just shoes.

  • dannyboy

    yea i never got the concept of destroying ur own city after ur team wins a championship. people are stupid.

  • akoo

    Wouldnt have happened in cleveland either stupid ass lakers fans

  • bigmak

    This also wouldent have happened in Boston….

  • justin444

    man, this is disappointing….

  • Jimmy

    I got raped when I was wearing shoes I'm a riot

  • Carlos

    bigmak, no this woulda happened in boston too. People are animals out there. I saw the destruction of Kenmore square in the 04 Red Sox winning

  • naga

    damn man i woulda had the 1/2 cents, grape 5s, and black nd red foamposites

  • sopgent

    LMAO.. "This wouldnt have happened in Orlando" "This wouldnt have happened in Cleveland" Yeah right.. This wouldve happened anywhere…

  • SP1DER

    haha your all cunts and i laugh at you all. except for Jimmy ^. hes cool.

  • BIG

    well cleveland police be on it. this prolly would've happened here in the land too. but the cops r trigger happy over here. if u thought it was worth it. to take one in yo @$$ for a pair or dunks go for it. but u gonna get popped!



  • obatron1

    all ya'll cats talking about "it would have happened here" are all full of isht. period point blank. this happens everywhere. chicago in the 90's during the bulls reign…philly after the phillies won…and lets not even get started on soccer overseas and how they celebrate a win or loss for that matter. so ya'll need to chill with all that.

  • Sneak-vandal

    Doesn't matter where it wouldn't have happened… you guys talk abt the ppl takin shoes bein selfish and you aren't even bein considerate to a fellow U.S. city…. think abt it… maybe we should donate this guy some of our sneakers from our cities since it wouldn't have happened there huh!?!?

  • Sneak-vandal

    Doesn't matter where it wouldn't have happened, you guys talk abt the ppl in LA bein selfish and, unless you're joking, you're bein inconsiderate to a fellow U.S. city..think abt it.. maybe we should donate some of our sneakers to Torres since it wouldn't have happened in our cities huh!?!?

  • ronaldo

    It is sickening when Richard Torres' store just got ripped off, that there are scum bags on here talking about how they would have done the same thing. How dare you all say something like that. How cool or funny would it be if the roles were reversed and someone took something you had worked hard for. It takes a coward to steal, it takes a man to work and earn what he wants in life. This has nothing to do with race, this has to do with low lifes period. Remember that Jesus Christ is Lord and one day we will all stand accountable for our acts.

  • shads2sents

    The Riots were all bad, I hope that this business is all good. Have u guys heard of the new movie 7eventy 5ive. Releases in sept.

  • superb33

    I heard that flav is apart of the 7eventy 5ive movie

  • am95connoisseur

    I don't wish this on anyone but the shoes were on consignment. The money that is owed to those who brought shoes to his store will be reimbursed through his insurance because he still has all their records in the computer that wasn't stolen. That's why he can hope to open back up by weeks end.

    Now, if this was a mom and pop store on the corner where it was all their stock that they paid for plus whatever profit they added on, it would be harder to bounce back from.

    Again, I am not cosigning any form of stealing but this guy will be alright. People out there want to get top dollar for their sneakers so they will bring their kicks in for Holy Grail to sell. They just better hope LA doesn't repeat. LOLOLOLOL

    What's crazy is that now there's some crazy kicks out there being sold for next to nothing on Craigslist and Ebay by cats who have no idea of how much money they have in those boxes. Kind of makes you wonder…….. is something only worth what people are willing to pay or what people are willing to sell???

  • JaeR


  • LeBronBron

    I'm just glad he will get reimbursed by the insurance company. And don't say "oh I would of done it too". That's garbage, because what if this was YOUR store? Where you spent years building up and to have it torn down in one night. What goes around comes around.

  • Frank

    Anyone who buys heat from ebay or craigslist for next to nothing, and buys from a seller from LA with low feedback(on ebay). Report those names to Torres, and obviously the product that you purchased.

    So he can have some sort of idea of where these scumbags are living.

  • $werv1n a.k.a $poile

    Some people prolly just got caught up in the whole thing. Seeing people running wit free shoes prolly figured theyd get some too. Still no excuse…gotta use good judgement. I'm sure if some woulda known the importance of the shoes to dudes who owned em they mighta thought twice. Back in the day i mighta been got me a pair or two. I'm older and wiser now.


    I live in Pittsburgh; we won the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup this year. There were riots and people did stupid things, but there was no wide-scale looting, so I feel safe in saying this wouldn't have happened in Pittsburgh.

  • BO$$

    this would have happened any where doesnt matter a bunch of bad apples would go crazy and go on a rampage

  • Conner

    that sucks. this guy opens a store and provides nice kicks for the area and then he gets screwed over by his own community! screw reopening that store, reopen in a community that is going to treat you right Richard

  • GothamsWhiteKnight

    you would have thought the lakers winning their 15th title wouldnt riot idk cuz they have won the 2nd most championships in nba history. if this happened where im from there would be a riot because the warriors arent setting the world on fire. this why i hate LA

  • LeBronBron

    Was it this bad last year when the Celtics won?

  • Deznutz

    Smh this def won't happen in NY all the times the yanks won and even the giants won this shit ain't happen ya LA niggaz can't act smh

  • soles_&_js

    deznuts cant be serious wont happen in NY? Come on thun did u forget what happened last yr when the giants didnt win? dats right some philly fan got his porsche totaled by a bunch of angry blue fans. I was at that game…

  • Vagrant

    F@ck L. A and it's minorities! Only people that envy others will do this. Sink L.A, Sink L.A.! lMAO! Maybe I'm taking it to the extreme, But look at them! Love how my previous comment go deleted by the mods!! honesty hurts don't it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Adam

    boy i got that SWAG!

  • Adam

    Man i cant wait for the OKC Thunder to win so we can loot or the Dallas Mav's! hahahahahahahaHA

  • charles

    at Jaer: Jesus is not dead at all bro. It's people who don't know Him that do ignorant things like this. You reap what you sow. Same thing happened during Katrina but given the circumstances it was more justifiable in some cases

  • Mars

    Hell no this wouldn't happen in Miami or Orlando and mos def not in OKC, i mean let's remember L.A. has always been known for it's history of crazy riots especially in the mid 90s but damn thats a total failure to the law enforcement in L.A. hopefully it's the last time this happens and really it's not much to get excited about sure L.A. won good for them but you don't have to get all crazy.

  • chi_illa

    you know most of the people that snatched them shoes don't even know what they got.

  • brian

    i have seen 2 store get rushed in brooklyn no riot no party 12 in the after noon…. if this ever happens in brooklyn niggas aint going for kick we hittin up best buy …dumb fucks

  • jonnie

    this is hella f**** up, he got all his s**t jacked and sum of u guys are talkin bout " o i woulda walked out with _____ and _____, man i wish i was there" u hella f****D up and i hope ur s**t gets jacked so u kno how it feels

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