Release Reminder: Burn Rubber x New Balance 577 ‘Joe Louis’

Release Reminder: Burn Rubber x New Balance 577 ‘Joe Louis’



We’re ringside and ready for the release of the Burn Rubber x New Balance 577 “Joe Louis”; Are you?

Detroit’s Burn Rubber is paying homage to the hometown hero Joe Louis as they release a limited edition New Balance 577 in honor of the Michigan-bred fall of fame boxer. From a humble beginning to one of Detroit’s most profound boxers to be recognized on an international level, this classic New Balance gets touched up with a tough premium leather build in addition to alternating dark navy, brown, and tan accents.

You may purchase the Burn Rubber x New Balance 577 “Joe Louis” right now for $180, exclusively online at Burn Rubber.

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  • jtheslim1

    no violin case…

  • Wavvy Boii Buzz

    Is That really the box?

  • Michael Kristensen

    Mikkel Mücke fuck de Nice

  • Mikkel Mücke

    Michael KristensenJeg synes de ser lidt morfar ud…

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    i like it…

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    Miranda Jones you got these?

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    Nah I don’t kamal! Maybe soon though .. They’re pretty sick!

  • Sonny J Cruz Pimentel

    Sh!!!t!!! I like quiero una ya!!!

  • Kamal Hakiim Hussen

    Miranda Jones they craaaaazy

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  • Charlie Charger

    Classic NB

  • Dana Doll Rosas

    I hope that’s the box !

  • Ewik Wong Tuong Song

    So love

  • Joe Deezy

    Nobody cares bout new balances lol