Release Reminder: Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Playoffs’ Restock

Release Reminder: Air Jordan XI (11) ‘Playoffs’ Restock



Are you still making Super Bowl XLVIII plans? Are you looking to crash a party, full of wings and drinks? Of course you are, and as you do, do not forget about the Air Jordan XI (11) “Playoffs” restock happening this morning!

Back for a limited time only, Footaction is making is possible to own this classic retro one more time – at retail. From patent leather upper to its black, varsity red, and white colorway, these kicks are an absolute must-have!

Priced at $185, the Air Jordan XI (11) “Playoffs” restocks this morning at 8AM EST, exclusively through Footaction.

Colorway: Black/Varsity Red-White
Release Date: 2/2/2014 (Restock)
Retail: $185
Product Code: 378037-010

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  1. Wtf! These use to be one of the hottest shoes ever made. Flooding the market makes these a penny stock…WORTHLESS!!!

  2. The site was flooded and crashed when I tried to refresh at 7:57 AM. Has not even let me into the site since. LOL

  3. had em in the cart I checked out and they removed both shoes automatically .. fuck you foot action.. prob sold my pairs to a fuckin 12 year old

  4. They should just put retros on Nike ID that would stop all the resellers stop all the mall violence and ppl who what what ever shoe they want would be able to get them with out any problems or issues and best part is you would be able to make what ever color 11 you want

  5. these still hold value, sentimental value that, this shoe is still one of the hotter shoes in my opinion, why do you care about the resell value of them? Are you a reseller?

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  7. I really appreciate you idiots sending me the email about this at 10:10am. Over 2 hours after it happened. Get your shit together.