Release Reminder: Air Jordan 60+ Laney High School

Release Reminder: Air Jordan 60+ Laney High School


Release Reminder: Air Jordan 60+ Laney High School

Though we reported that the some online retailers had the “Laney High School” Air Jordan Sixty Plus (60+) available early, the official release date for the sneaker is tomorrow, September 19th. The Air Jordan 60+ is a hybrid that meshes together all the sneakers Michael Jordan scored sixty or more points in. This colorway of the AJ 60+ is inspired by Laney High School, and hosts a white leather upper with del sol and varsity red accents. The Air Jordan 60+ Laney High School will be available at your local retailers on September 19, 2009 for a retail price of $150. Will you be purchasing a pair?

Release Reminder: Air Jordan 60+ Laney High School

Air Jordan 60+ (Sixty Plus)
Release Date: 09/19/2009
Style: 364806-171
Colorway: White/Del Sol-Varsity Royal
Retail Price: $150

  • 23kid

    cant even by the real laney 5s cause of these…

    could put your pair of 5s on & a 12 old kid can say hey we have the same shoes smh

  • Marlo Migal Dickson

    I will be getting these cause today is my birthday and I will be fresh as hell with these on my feet…..

  • gdiemaster


  • iSETtrenDz

    coppin it today!! F*CK THAT!!

  • dank

    maybe cop a pair in a month or so when I see them at the outlet for $100…the will be right next to the other fusions and 2k9's…

  • D

    no good. ill pass. spzikes are the only fusion to buy.

  • barbie

    spizikes aren't fusions..they're just a hybrid shoe

  • Young Bo


  • youngsawgg

    to mario dicks w.e……..YOU ARE A FOOL…….FOOL……srry man buh you will not be HELLA FRESH

  • Marlo Migal Dickson

    to young fagg you have no type of swagg cause if you did you would get them are maybe you cant afford them

  • j sweet

    all u who say these r garbage r stupid these r almost betr than spizikes

  • j sweet

    no a fusion is diff than a hybrid look it up

  • Eldrizzy

    Fusion and Hybrid are 1 and the same. No major diff. Sometimes they use fusion, sometimes hybrid, but its the same **** different story