Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 18 / 5 Countdown Package

Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 18 / 5 Countdown Package


Release Date Reminder: Air Jordan 18 / 5 Countdown Package

While more and more upcoming Air Jordan Countdown Package photos surface the internet, their latest is set to hit stores on Saturday, August 23rd. Made up of the Fire Red Air Jordan V and Black/Red Air Jordan XVIII, the Fire Red definitely stands out as most of the lower numbered models have done in the past. For those who missed out on the Fire Red V that was released not too long ago, this is the perfect chance to pick-up this classic Jordan. The Air Jordan 18/5 Countdown Package is available tomorrow at Proper.

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  • mj23

    1st!!! dese r nice

  • Ray

    u happy u 1st huh??

    not tryin 2 diss u just askin

    but yea they nice

  • Ya Boii

    i dont like the countdowns they pair my favorite pair of js with ones i dont like and im not bout to pay 310 for one shoe that imma wear

  • imazing1201

    fire reds are simply beautiful

  • Mclovin

    Ya broke ass niggas should step ya game up i already have this since last week with a discount so step ya game up bitches


    my nigga above shut the fuck up ^^^^^..Getting a pair a jays early isnt that special anyone can get a pair early so ur not special when you get them a month or 2 months before they come out then yo can holla at a nigga.. but for now your just like everyone else bitch so stop bragging before i come through your hood and knock you're young ass out..


    knocc=knocc'izzyafuggin[boi'boi;1nce..agenn//leddin>JALL'no'dat=deez/izz…..offishul..gotmy'peeled'4a=cracca+jacc..jus'gottoff/da'blicky;..widd'my..spittle'coppa5x5x7yadig'oboi==++jea'gunna b/bleedunn'blocc..widd]'n=wait'loos'n=wait-eyez;wide<shutt]izz]damotto…o'jea//iff;Ic-ya//slipp'n;/usegood"4da[giddin………..BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP

  • t roc

    1st beatches these are ok not a must have doe i seen them today not that impressed looks like the quality is going down glue is every loose tread shyt like that

  • t roc

    ps glue is every where ***********

  • bj22

    lolz but im gettin these so it realy dnt matter when u get em cuz dnt nobody care when u got em all that matters is that u got em lolz….

  • Johnny87

    Ehhhh I'm good Ima wait till the 11/12 instead and true nobody gives a flying fuck if you got them early you aint getting no medal……bitch

  • Mclovin

    Fuck ya all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya are just a bunch of haters dont hate get money MOB bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. F U Nike Talk Online Thug

  • Money Ova' Bitc

    just fucking copped the cdp for $200 shipped from foot locker bitches!!!!!! get at me buddies!!!

  • alex72cool

    18 look fake watch out turkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ray

    the 18's is weak

    trynda sell them or some shit after i pick up the package tomorrow

    get at me if you want 'em

    WA State here.

  • Air23Jay

    those are clean i like the V and XVIII though i want the 3/20 and XI,XII

  • PunjabiBallar

    Just copped this Pack..

    And I Gotta Say.. Whoever thinks the 18's are Ugly..

    Has No Taste in J's..

    The Black/Red 18's are the hardest J's POST BULLS ERA..

  • loonygoon510

    Niqqas need 2 stop hatin on da 18's cuz dis may be the last pair

  • isneakerfiend

    yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NIKETALK went in on diss nigga nah but on da real NIKETALK is right besides dat fake ass Mclovin probably had to suck maaaaaaaaaaaaaad dick just to get them……Mclovin huh punkass markass trick.

  • isneakerfiend

    Punjabibitchass shut the fuck up the 18's r one of the ugliest j's ever made they should have put the 5's and the 14's together instead of the 9's that would have been dope package.

  • Punjabiballar


    Let me get your address.. Ima ship you a freshhhhh, top of the line…


    Cause 5+14 really equals 23…

    And like I said .. you got no taste I'm J's if you think the 18's are ugly…

  • Mclovin

    isneakerfiend fuck u cock sucker i bet you and niketalk be on some Brokeback Mountain shit bitches MOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RonSaysSo

    Real Talk yall are all gay for talking shit online… but I guess whatever floats your boat…. anyway I went in the store today to buy this package… I opened them up and seen trash….. the 18s had glue every where and the 5s looked cheap…… so i told the sales person are you serious im not buying this shit…. so i went to nordstroms instead and bought Rock and Republic jeans and some ed hardy boxers…. get at me……………………….

  • IGotCrazyJay'sL

    yeah u guys r tripin it is just shoes chill out. but on the real Mike if u r reading can I get some QUALITY! the glue and bent microfiber that they r made of is not acceptable at all. I have been supporting the dream back when 150$ was a lot of dough! I will just stay vintage!


  • mz.imSOLEfli

    Easy cop.look good on small feet!

    -IM A GIRL! :)

  • MeaTwoDD

    They not all that i seen em in person they r more built like 5 fusions than reg 5s

  • TheAmbassador

    I got mine @ 7:00am. If you snooze you lose cheap

  • Tx S

    I got mines on saturday, and they are what they are….Why is everyone complaining about the quality? Either you will collect them as collectors items or you are going to wear them!! Shoes are not meant to look brand new after being walked in…If you're ballin, you would have bought 2 packs like I did…I will keep 1 deadstock pack and wear the other ones….This shoe game isnt for you broke ass niggas who still staying at home with your momma or working at some minimum wage bullshit job….Go spend ya money on some books and get educated to make some real money, and maybe you can buy 10 packs at a time!! YOU BUNCH OF FUCKBOYZ!!! I'm out!!

  • young money

    anyone who thinks tha 18s are ugly is a retard they both ill

  • YunGLit3

    Da best packages

  • menmyjs

    woh 18s many complained, thank god mine r fresh- i love da 18s, 5s are on FIRE

  • kemontay

    Yes yes yesyesyeysyeyeyeyeyssey that all ican say

  • bakhaf

    i got these for a 100 bucks