Reebok Kamikaze 2010 Preview

Reebok Kamikaze 2010 Preview


Reebok Kamikaze 2010 Preview

It’s no lie that Reebok has definitely stepped their game up and keeps going, especially with the release of the 20th Anniversary Pump collection late in the year. Reebok has a treat for us next year, as the shoe company will release something for all the Kemp lovers: the Reebok Kamikaze 2010. The Kamikaze 2010 takes elements from the previous Kamikaze shoes and combines them with Reebok’s latest basketball technology. This particular colorway features a classic white/black upper using a pinstripe stitching design and black patent leather on the Reebok stripes. The translucent green midsole adds a throwback touch to this modern shoe. Stay tuned for more info on this shoe later on.
Reebok Kamikaze 2010 Preview

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  1. Eh, give me the retro's man! The whole point is to bring back the memories. This does not take me back to the Good ol' Sonic days. I live in Seattle and do not expect these to sell. We're not stupid Reebok. Give us what we want!!

  2. I think reebok will launch a couple of models and then they will retro the originals 1 ann 2….

    On the other hand… I want the originals!!!!!

  3. i just tried kamikazes 2010… they are nice, I like the new design… they are very light, they have anti-friction liner (it feels like walking on rubber), the only con is that they are very hard, probably with the use will soften.

    i tried the original kamikaze 1 back in 1994, they were very comfortable, very nice design but very heavy.

    i tried to purchase a pair of 2010 design in white/green/black but they were sold out. They had black and navy blue only. On the other hand, the most interesting thing, the price was the same than Kamikaze I, $85