Air Jordan V (5) – Possible June 2009 Release

Air Jordan V (5) – Possible June 2009 Release


Possible Picture of Vs that drop in June 09

I’m what many of you would call an “Air Jordan” head. My collection is comprised mostly of overpriced lifestyle J’s from the last two years. (Gentry saved Jordan Brand with that Burgundy Air Jordan 5 (V) reissue, people!) I remember the time I spilled Tahitian Treat on my “DMP” Jordan 11 (XI) like most people remember the birth of their first child, and though I’m too young to recall MJ’s exploits on the ‘wood, I feel good being part of this whole sneaker culture thing and wearing kicks that everyone already has. When I’m not buying Jordans, I really enjoy speculating about which pair(s) are next to release. Earlier today on NikeTalk, rumors were running rampant about this pair of Jordan 5 (V) that are supposed to release this coming June. The shoe features a predominantly white patent upper, cocoa midsole, and flesh-colored tongue. In my world, this is a recipe for deliciousness, baby!

Air Jordan V (5) - Possible June 2009 Release

Air Jordan V (5) - Possible June 2009 Release

  • Robert G Baby!!!!!!


  • Fresh_Azz_DuDe


  • jays

    Im liking those 13's and 24's. 5' are so ugly they look fake!!!!

  • petah

    F*** this kis, if you werent around for when jordan was playin basketball your not a jordan head collect all you want ya tool bag!!!


    seen em on i dont care MUST COPP

  • dj

    ehhhh, need more pics of the tounge to decide

  • jay

    the xiii looks pretty dope!

  • monk41

    weak article whoever wrote this comes across like a serious hypebeast

  • buddhaking

    fu** the rest. I need that 13 badly.

  • ant

    cocoa midsole + mostly patent upper + flesh coloured tongue = fkn ugly/disgraceful/never ever on my feet.

  • zae757

    …i need to see all of em by dem selves…i really wanna see dem Vs n VIIIs

  • Shaun

    All three of those sneakers are tough. But I wanted to know if you had any info on the white/red and black/red 12s that are scheduled to release in November 2009.

  • sdsoldier7

    idk. need more pics. tongue looks weird.

  • tpain

    Dude if you have mostly jordan lifestyle releases from the past two years you are not a jordan head, you are a hypebeast. There have been next to zero good releases from jordan: lifestyle, gr, limited gr, etc. over the last two years. Damn, sneakerfiles, your writers absolutely suck. Call me up if you need a good writer. Note the correct usage of the colon up there for proof. Look it up.

  • San Dova

    To the writer of this post: Dude, you don't even REMEMBER Michael on the court?

  • Hobby Rock

    Whoever wrote this article, seriously sounds unprofessional and immature. I hate you sneakerfiles

  • Lamar Culpepper 360


  • Lamar Culpepper 360

    wow! the f***ing article is fake u retards. u all just seriously really pissed me off, ever heard of sarcasm?? those 5s are bs, u all know it. 13 in roman numerals is XIII, not VIII, AND THE AIR JORDAN 2009 IS NOT CALLED THE TWENTY F***ING FOURS!!!!

  • jamal

    patent? garbage…

  • Air_justin

    Definite sarcasm guys, maybe you guys are the idiots if you cant tell.



  • true shoe head

    Do us all a favor and STOP calling yourself a Jordan head you preppy bastard….."SAVED BJ WITH THE BURGUNDY'S"!!! You have no idea what you're talking about…..that loser ruined the brand….go cop some OG's and some Jordan and Bulls DVDs and learn yourself about what MAN was all about.

  • SANTii973

    the 5s look fake but those 13s look good.

  • JustHadToSay

    Commenters on a sneaker forum accusing someone else of lifestyl'n? LOL!

    (And learn to recognize sarcasm some day. It's an important part of reading skills.)

  • 23

    them 5s too lifestyle lookin. i need the retrozzz..

  • sb rocka

    noob!!! @ article writer… that means the last 2 years you have fusions and packs… get real cuz…..

  • hyestylekid

    Those 5s r garbage cant nothing top the first DMP Package and the raging bulls ugly too diappointing


    da 5's ight but im 2 busy lookin at dem 13's cuz dem my favortie j's

  • Air_justin

    YOU GUYS ARE ALL IDIOTS, hes being frickin sarcastic lean how to read and infer, unless you dropped out after elementary school.

    "I feel good being part of this whole sneaker culture thing and wearing kicks that everyone already has. When I’m not buying Jordans, I really enjoy speculating about which pair(s) are next to release."

    can you not sense the sarcasm, also when he said he bought ever OVERPRICED lifestyle release from the past two years does that not sound like sarcasm

  • hyestylekid

    the package is stil ugly and ya mother's an idiot

  • they lool like VII&#

    Fourty!-lol-There alritte. i like the m3 tough better. on 5's

  • Air_justin

    i never said it wasnt ugly

  • kobe

    those red and white 13s look very nice.

  • Terry

    Too bad the 13s are eddie jones P.E.

  • Petah

    air justin, I agree!!!!

  • Petah

    Terry, I knew I saw those 13s before. Your right!!

  • Petah

    Where the hell is eddie jones now anyway??

  • ss radio

    again, who wrote this… haha. even if it was an attempt at sarcasm, it was very poorly done.

  • snkrfrk

    it's indirect hitting of hypebeast like some of u..

  • QuanDaDon

    i want the 13's

  • Steve Kluback

    The XIII is an Eddie Jones PE. The same colorway was also made for Juwan Howard.

  • dont stop on my j&#0

    tell jordan he should relase all original colors from 1's-23's….

    them 5's coming up later in the year are lame

    some of these colors look ugly

  • RetroKidd

    Dem 13'z!!!!!!!!!!!

  • InKen Soles

    You can't have the same colorways for years and expect to gain new Jordan customers, YES Jordan Brand wants to expand their consumer base to more then just JORDAN LOYALISTS who only want ''og'' colors. I agree with most of you and most of what you're saying about a lot of the fusions and SOME questionable choices of colors lately, but these aren't bad, definitely not classics, but aren't bad. Also, I don't think the writer of this article was using as much sarcasm as someone on this post suggested. There was some sarcasm used, but very poorly executed. The writer should know his/her audience and go from there. With most of the comments here murdering the English language at Larry Holmes type pace, he should have known to keep things simple. Whoever reads my post, might have a seizure from reading so much at once, ''ya mothers an idiot''. That summed up what I said about the audience. Their mother's aren't idiots at all….that would be a step up and an insult to idiots everywhere. These kicks get a 7/10.