Toronto Raptors Show off NBA First Camouflage Jersey

Toronto Raptors Show off NBA First Camouflage Jersey

To date, a NBA team has yet to wear a Camouflage jersey but the Toronto Raptors will end that streak.

The Toronto Raptors Camouflage Jersey will debut on March 21st 2012 for Canadian Forces Night. After the initial showing, the Raptors will wear the jersey 3 more times during the 2011-12 NBA Season.

Using different shades of green and brown with a digital camo finish, the sides feature black and white thick stripes, and the Canadian flag is placed on the back of the jersey right above the players name.

Since the NBA has an exclusive partnership with adidas, the brand more than likely will have their logo slapped on the front (although not shown in this picture). At this time, it is unknown if the Camouflage Toronto Raptors jersey will release to the public.

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