Performance Teaser Pt. 2: Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7)

Performance Teaser Pt. 2: Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7)



Now that I’ve completed my 40+ on-court hours in the Air Jordan 2012, I can finally get back to the sneakers that I had already begun testing.


Traction on the Zoom Kobe VII has been great overall. I have zero complaints with it whatsoever which is strange for me as I usually find something that I dislike about the traction… at least a small section of it, however, this time I can’t say anything bad about it at all.

Obviously my favorite part is the herringbone but the triangular pattern has worked very well against quick sudden stops and changes in direction.


One issue I have been having has been with their lack of heel lockdown. The Zoom Kobe IV offered good heel lockdown while the Zoom Kobe V offered great heel lockdown… leaving the Kobe VI somewhere in between until the insole molds to your foot. With the Zoom Kobe VII I can get my heel to stay put at all.

When the midsoles are not in place, the heel is very nicely padded and has a sculpted heel much like the Zoom Kobe V.


Once you insert the midsole the dynamics change greatly and it has been a disappointment. The lip (or rim) of the midsoles aren’t very thick but they are just thick enough to counteract the sculpted heel. Your heel is almost in-line with the rest of the interior which in turn doesn’t allow the padding to really cup your Achilles/ heel region the way it should. I have thought about cutting away the lip on the midsoles numerous times now but I have ruined more pairs of shoes within the last few months out of curiosity that I don’t want to risk doing it again… but I might… who knows.


The upper itself is very durable and flexible yet that lip from the midsole restricts some of that flex as it comes above the exterior midsole (shell) which make for an awkward ride while transitioning from heel to toe.

This is the first time I have played in a Kobe and not been satisfied… which irritates me a bit as I feel the Kobe VII is the best looking of the series at this point.

Stay tuned for more as I may end up doing a third performance teaser with these since there have been a few issues with them that may or may not be able to be resolved.

  • Hunter

    Try using the runners loop when you lace them up… that should solve some of your heel lockdown issues.

    • Nightwing2303

      I will try that, the lip is the issue though and if removed could fix the problem.

  • Lee

    After looking at my pair over…I realized that the lips of the midsoles are a big…if not the biggest and only problem the sneakers have. I’m cutting mine…

    • Nightwing2303

      They are the cause to every issue ive had with them. Most of the issues at least… The external midsole is a bit clunky compared to past models.

  • HeyLook

    Sooooo….. any timetable for the actual performance review on youtube? not trying to rush you but.. u know.

    • Nightwing2303

      Then dont rush me, the jordan 2012s were my top priority which are complete so i have gone back to the other shoes to finish those. I play in each shoe for 40 hours minimum in order to provide the most accurate reviews possible so please be patient otherwise i would be providing everyone with inaccurate info which wouldnt help anyone at all.

      • Bryant

        I didn’t know that you spend 40 hours playtime in each shoe.

        That’s awesome, thank you for providing some of the best detailed shoe reviews out there.

        • Nightwing2303

          Some get a little more than 40, kobe 7s for example have been giving me a hard time, while some can be done sooner but i like to make sure i dont miss anything… Or try not to miss anything at least.

  • Jay

    I’m thinking about cutting the heel portion of the midsole to see if it will get better lockdown. How would you suggest going by this if you have the same idea? I was going to try it on my play strong insert since I mainly use the play fast midsole when I play.

    • Nightwing2303

      Im going to use a blade so i can get the edges as in line with the footbed as possible so i dont end up with a piece of foam sticking into my foot lol.

  • Jason

    So far how do you compare them to KD4, Hyperfuse ’10/’11 and Hyperdunk ’11? Also, how would you rank the shoes I mentioned including the ZK7?

    • Nightwing2303

      Take a look at the ratings, i know i didnt rate the hyperdunks or fuse, but that should give you an idea as far as comparisons. Im not dont with the kobes yet as there are still issues im trying to work out with them.

      • Jason

        ayt. thanks man. Can’t wait for your final review for the ZK7s. I love playing with the foam based play strong compared to the play fast but in terms of overall feel I still go back to my hyperfuse. Can’t seem to go all out with the ZK7s.

        • Nightwing2303

          I prefer the play strong as well but agree, i havent been able to go all out in the kobes this time around.

  • ljo341

    Are the Nike ID ZK7’s midsoles better since you choose your cushion or will they have the same issues?

    • Nightwing2303

      Theyre the same as what comes with the retail version you just get to pick the colors so its more than possible.