Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Rookie

Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Rookie



 The Zoom Rookie is giving me quite the challenge on-court, testing my endurance and willingness to keep a shoe on that undoubtedly feels less than average from a performance standpoint. 


The Foamposite toe and heel have been good overall. Foamposite material can take a beating unlike any other material I’ve come across. Once molded to your foot shape, they increase the comfort factor as far as fit is concerned by giving the wearer a custom feel.



The forefoot and medial heel areas are where my shoes tend to wear out… rather quickly. Having the Foamposite material in these two areas increase the shoes overall durability and for those who need something for both on and off the court, a Foamposite based shoe is a great option.


Traction is a bit of a letdown although it is to be expected. Herringbone traction is the tried and true pattern once used on nearly every model dating back to the early days of ball players. Silhouettes ranging from the adidas Superstar, Converse Pro Leather all the way to the Air Jordan Legacy line (most of the later models from AJXI and up) used herringbone.


Recently, modified herringbone has outclassed traditional herringbone in a way that makes the original use of the pattern nearly obsolete. In case you are wondering what I’m talking about, take a look at the above image. You can see that traditional herringbone is recessed into the outsole which will provide you with traction however, today’s standards have made this an old fashioned use of the pattern.


This is a perfect example of what I like to call modified herringbone. Instead of being recessed, the herringbone is prominent, taking over the entire outsole almost giving you a jagged shark tooth effect in a visual sense. Modified herringbone is where its at nowadays, at least in my opinion. It allows for more friction between your foot and the floor with each groove placed in a dominant position, allowing for greater coverage of traction since its in direct contact with the floors surface. *FYI- The shoe pictured above is the Zoom Kobe IV*

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Zoom Rookie’s performance teaser and if you have any questions feel free to ask.