Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) Pt. 3

Performance Teaser: Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) Pt. 3




I typically only post two Performance Teasers prior to the full review. The Nike Zoom Kobe VII deserved to have three… not because they are good shoes either.


The traction, as I mentioned in the Kobe VII Performance Teaser Pt. 2, has had no issues. Whether you are playing of a clean floor or dusty… the Kobe VII can handle it.


In my initial First Impression I assumed the upper had a layer of Polyurethane protecting the extremely thin Flywire base. At this point I think the outer layer is actually some sort of silicone rubber… It’s very thin and flexible but the best part is its durability. Just by looking at them you can’t see much of any damage to the upper itself (midsole has minor damage but the bright colors hide it well) even though they have been stepped on, dragged across the floor and whatever else happens to these things while they are on my feet.

Those are basically the only two attributes on the Kobe VII that I enjoy… and I really hate to admit that as I have loved every Kobe since the IV.


The midsoles offer too many problems for a shoe that retails between $150-180, depending on the package you purchase. I went over the cushion setups in the first Performance Teaser and things never really got any better…


After going back and forth I decided to cut off the lip on the left midsole… I have absolutely no clue why the right one hasn’t given me any problems by the way.


This double stitched area is glued onto the midsole and was a part of the blister/ chaffing problem I’d been experiencing so that section was removed as well. Surprisingly, after this was all removed, the shoe was much better (still fit fine) and I didn’t experience any more blisters along the arch of my foot.


To be perfectly blunt… any shoe you have to modify slightly is usually not a huge issue for me, at least if the modification means purchasing a new insole for extra cushion. The Kobe VII system however, will run you $180 and then you have to cut pieces of it away just to make them wearable… really not cool in my book.

The overall feel of the shoe is heavy and clunky. My legs feel like they are pulling dead weight around for the first 1.5 hours until I get used to them… every time! I can understand a break in period but to have to endure that with every wear is ridiculous.

I wanted to love these… but I can’t say that I recommend using them on-court. You can get something much better for well under $180 or you can buy the Air Jordan 2012 with a similar setup (if you go for the entire Choose Your Flight package) and have a much better playing shoe than with these.

The full review will be completed and available next week so in the meantime, save your money and get something else if these were on your potential new hoop shoes list.


  • Phil

    Absolutely love your performance reviews and is probably my most visited site nowadays haha, keep up the fantastic work!
    This is so sad to hear :( I haven’t bought the VII yet because I’ve been desperately hoping to hear you say something good about them lol.
    I’ve been buying Kobe models ever since the IV and am very much a low top enthusiast. Do you have any recommendations other than the Air Jordan 2012? Can you tell me how the CP3 V is comparing to the Fly Wade 2? I’m a pg, and am looking for a replacement for my Kobe VI’s.

    • Nightwing2303

      Thanks bro, appreciate it!

      The CP3s are good but could sit a bit lower for my taste. Wades are better IMO. 2012s are an awesome shoe though.

  • Stillwaters r.d.

    I totally agree with Phil. Great reviews, and since i found your site i have also been visiting it every day. I wish i had the loot to get all these kicks…

    Anyway, I would like to know when you plan on reviewing the huarache bball 2012?

    • Nightwing2303


      I will begin playing in those this coming week along with a few others. Kobe VII and CP3.V reviews are next up.

  • t

    really wanted to love these as well but the fit is really a problem. you hit the nail on the head regarding the weight and clunkiness of this shoe. really defeats the purpose of having a low top sneaker

    • Nightwing2303

      Yeah, pretty disappointed but i guess it happens when you try to push the envelope.

  • JC11

    great job just like always, really looked forward to these shoes cuz they are probably the best looking ones other than the 5s so far in kobe line, but with all those problems u mention…have to wait til the performance review then decide.
    looking forward to see the CPV and kobe 7 review, keep up the good work!

    • Nightwing2303

      Thanks! Both reviews are coming soon.

  • waks1110

    been watching your reviews and i must say you really did a great job, i base most of my decisions on your reviews because i also play the 1 & 2 spots and your site really helped me a lot…anyways, i also bought the kobe 7 coz i thought it would play great like the kobe 6 which i loved ballin in but i also found some issues in it and thought that after viewing your performance review on the AJ2012 nike should have done the same thing with the option of choosing the midsoles, they should have made the inner boots interchangeale also, well just my opinion…lookin forward for your future reviews, again great job man…and 1 more question, do you plan on reviewing the UA bloodline? thanks…

    • Nightwing2303

      Thanks! I will be doing more brands just trying to get the big ones out of the way.

  • Jason

    Played again with my ZK7s today. Finally decided to retire it after 3 runs. I played for 7 hrs today, 6 with my Hyperfuse coz it was outdoor then switched to my ZK7 play fast for the next hour in an indoor game. Even with just an hr of play my heel, ankles, and knees was sore after. Didn’t happen while I was playing with the fuse for 6 hrs. I did love the play strong insole though. I’m really disappointed with this shoe and regretting paying reseller price for my leopards/cheetahs. Definitely agree with your review man.

    • Nightwing2303

      Yeah man, pure disappointment with these. I tried everything i could think of to make them work but they just arent worth it.

  • frankthetank

    yo how did you remove the double stitching near the arch area? btw this shoe isnt for flat footed people is it?

  • Jeremyck23

    I played for only around 2 hours last night in my Zk7 cheetah until started to feel the pain in my right foot arch. My blister is like the size of a dime and I was so pissed off…
    So I did a search and ended up here at your performance review for the zk7….
    and I wished that i had read your review before purchasing these suckers…$180 down the drain…

    thanks for the detailed review, and I will make sure to check your review before buying new sneakers from now on!

  • Mike123456790

    Love the review, I want to now if you prefer these or the Crazy light lows.

    Also what has been your favorite shoe overall, lightweight & breath ability without sacrificing support. Please respond, thanks