Performance Teaser: Nike Huarache Free Bball 2012

Performance Teaser: Nike Huarache Free Bball 2012



So usually I only give out some information that can help you decide on a potential purchase with these Performance Teasers, however, this time around I feel like giving out a bit more information…

I will still make a full video review but this is what I have found with Nike’s Huarache Free Bball 2012’s so far.


Traction – Honestly… It wasn’t as bad as I first thought. You get a good amount of traction in the forefoot’s pivot point which is nice. The rest of the traction is fairly decent. I couldn’t get the amount of grip needed for sharp fast paced cuts or movements that you would need for crossovers, slashing or things of that nature but for what it offered it was alright.


The heel did pose a problem as this area had no traction at all which is something I never thought you truly needed but it turns out traction in the heel is essential while on defense… especially when you are giving your opponent a bit of space and they decide to make a move to the basket and you need to be able to keep up with them quickly without hesitation.


Fit – The fit is true to size but once laced up entirely you end up with a lot of extra room in the forefoot. This is fine for those with wider feet but not something a narrow footed player would want as you don’t feel very secure when you’re about to make a move. Going half a size down could possible work out a bit better but then you may have issues with the length spacing and could end up causing some damage to your toes if they get jammed.


Seeing as how the lacing setup gives you two options, I decided to try them both out at once and see if there were any noticeable differences. To tell you the truth… any impact the secondary lacing gave me went literally unnoticed. I was surprised a bit but it was good to find that out.


Overall… I have already come to the conclusion that these are not a competitive basketball sneaker. The cushion in the heel is decent being that there is an Air Max unit in place. Forefoot cushion is nonexistent and you are so close to the ground (the foam doesn’t offer nearly enough cushion for my taste) that I felt like I was running around without shoes on… which is sort of the point with Nike’s Free outsole but not something I personally would prefer to hoop in.

I would say that these would make for a very good training shoe. A Bo Jackson type of trainer where you can run short distances, weight lift, go through drills and possibly play a pick-up game or two but not something I would wear in a competitive game at all.

I do want to wear these for a few more hours just to be sure of everything I’ve stated above but this is pretty much where my thoughts are at this point.

  • mmouse235

    Thanks man. I was looking to get these into my playing rotation but will have a long hard think after reading this.

    Look forward to the full review though bro, keep up the good work!

  • Eddie

    I’m curious about how do you find people to play with you so often testing all those shose ;D ?

  • misio

    Have you considered reviewing the new Converse Pro leather 2k11 and the DefCON ???

  • Jman

    Would these be good to ball outdoors???