Performance Teaser: LeBron 9

Performance Teaser: LeBron 9




 The LeBron 8 V1 & V2 (even the V2 low) were all great shoes while the P.S. lacked in my personal opinion. What about LeBron’s 9th signature? Take a look at a small teaser as far as on-court performance is concerned…


The fit on most Nike models is something that I have to deal with all the time… its very frustrating for me personally. My feet are narrow, most of Nike’s shoes are made with a ‘one size fits most’ type of last; a last is the foot shape or model used to build the shoes upper in case you were wondering what I was talking about.

As you can see, I am having that bubble in the forefoot once again… just as I have in the past. There is so much dead space in the shoe that I just cant seem to make them fit comfortably. This is not going to be the case for most people, but for me this is a huge turnoff. The midfoot and heel fit just fine, the only issue I have had with the fit is in the forefoot. I had this same problem with the LeBron 8 P.S. yet I did not have this problem with the V1 or V2… and all of the LeBron 8’s are the same size.


Traction has been surprising. The chain pattern has worked just fine, even on sharp angles and hard cuts. I have experienced some slipping on the outrigger and heel. While I have had some slippage, it hasn’t been bad enough to alter my course when in motion. With my First Impression post I noted that once the texture wears down I don’t know how well they will handle… at this point that still holds true. Once the texture on the red portions of the outsole wear off, I’m still not sure how much more (or even less) slipping I could end up experiencing.


Another teaser will be posted prior to the full review so stay tuned.