Performance Teaser: Jordan CP3.V

Performance Teaser: Jordan CP3.V



The CP3.V has been available for nearly 2 weeks and so far so good. With that, let’s jump into a small teaser on their on-court performance.

The cushion system on all of Chris Paul’s signatures has been Podulon. It’s yet another foam based cushion that works very well and works even better when greater force is applied.


In the heel you have the pillar setup in which Phylon surrounds the Podulon pillar, it’s a dual density system so you get a bit of firmness with the Phylon and cushion where your weight is being distributed.

As a Guard, the heel has been an area that isn’t used too often but when it is this setup helps out quite a bit. You can feel the compression between your heel and the floor which gives you a pillow effect of sorts. Honestly, I loved the Fly Wade 2’s Lunarlon as a whole but for what I need, the targeted cushion works out much better. One thing to note is that the compression is fairly gradual; you won’t get that sunken in feeling when the cushion is in use… it’s hard to explain but it’s almost as if the cushion is reacting and moving with you… I thought Lunarlon was a weird feeling cushion but Podulon takes first place in that category.

The forefoot is much of the same just more widely dispersed. It’s still a dual density setup but it’s working with you not against you. You don’t feel any delay in your reaction time even when making a hard stop; say you are chasing a loose ball and end up not being quick enough and need to change direction quickly to catch up with player that beat you to the ball… with a mushy cushion your reaction would be slowed down a bit while with this setup you already feel so close to the ground that with that extra little push you get right back on track.
I think the cushion is great, strange but great. I’ve been enjoying foam based cushions more and more and with so many different varieties I almost begin to think that maybe Air based cushions are becoming a bit outdated. For larger players, there is truly nothing that can absorb the impact better than Max Air yet it’s only a matter of time before they fix that with foam that will give larger players just as much impact absorption and keep the shoe lighter in weight… adidas has already started with their adiPower line.

That’s all for the moment, stay tuned as I will be updating the site with more info on the Kobe VII & Air Jordan 2012 soon.

  • Byrne

    Bravo to Jordan Brand for making 2 out of their 3 signature athlete’s shoes not have zoom air in them. People were giving them trash for not thinking outside the box, but i think zoom air is in the box. Which do you like more this podulon/phylon cushioning setup or lunarlon? Can these beat out the Fly Wade 2’s?

    • Nightwing2303

      I prefer Podulon, the forefoot mainly. The Wade 2 is still the better performer overall but these have slightly more consistent traction. Both are built tough as nails though.

      • Byrne

        What questions or concerns do you have for this pair right now? what do you like better on the fly wade 2?

        • Nightwing2303

          I dont have any concerns per say but there are personal preferences id have gone with versus what CP3 prefers. Those are things i may go over in the next teaser or wait for the full review to discuss.

  • Kobejames21

    After seeing your first impression review on this CP3.V, i finally take my decision on coping these to balling.. And last night i tried it on…
    It really comfort me on the cushion and padding area… As you said on top..the cushion is strangely moving and reacting with us… The bounciness under the feet is distributed well and it feels great…
    The traction is also great…not hearable like original hyperdunk…but the traction is there…
    The fit is superb….it feels very comfortable to hoop in these…although it doesn’t snug-fitted as kobe v but it fitted just great n also locking our feet so there is no movement inside….
    The ventilation problem that i was ‘hoping’ is not actually there…. Although it has no window but it not feeling very hot inside….just more like kobe v or vi to me…

    I think this is a great shoe…just like kobe v minus kobe’s typical snug fit and it has more comfortable springy feeling under the feet…

    One thing i’d like to ask…actually what is podulon ? Been searching answer for it on google but no satisfy reply to it… And is it different with the IPS on jordan XX-XX3 ?

    • Nightwing2303

      Podulon is similar to IPS in most cases. Its just softer foams strategically placed in key impact areas so it softens the load while still providing responsiveness. The heel in this setup is very similar to IPS as its a pillar of soft foam but the forefoot is a bit more widely dispersed unlike the previous CP3 models were it rests directly under the ball if the foot.

      • kobejames21

        so podulon is like lunar foam while IPS is like zoom air unit ? and in this CP3.V we can assume that it just like using lunar foam on the whole midsole and there is extra zoom air unit on the heel ?

        • Nightwing2303

          Um… No lol. Dont know where i gave the impression its like zm. Ive heard its a type of cushlon like whats in the kobe 7 play strong.

          • kobejames21

            oohh it’s not like what i said ? i see…
            thanks for the enlightment….

          • Nightwing2303

            No problem, hopefully i was able to help out a bit.

  • BAWLin

    I hoop regularly, about 5 times a week and my shoe of choice has been Kobe VI, unfortunately I destroy shoes, by the third week, the shoe’s cushioning starts to break down and i develop pain in my heel/foot/ankle. Usually when this happens I swap to new shoes and pain goes away. It seem fairly common in the Kobe’s since the 4…

    I love the fit, feel, responsiveness of the Kobe’s. I hate the fact it breaks down in 3 weeks.

    I’m looking for a shoe that’s similar to Kobe’s but has more cushioning in the Heel. Any thoughts? I like the review on the CP3 and it seems at the very least something to try out. Any other opinions or remedies to extend the Kobe’s?

    • Nightwing2303

      You may want to try max air cushion or a foam based cushion and see if either of the two would hold up better than the zoom has been for you.

      These have great cushion but im not sure how well the softer foam would last for you so you may even want to consider adidas adiprene or micro g foam since those are a bit more dense and should hold up better.

      • BAWLin

        Thanks, yeah I use to love the Kobe 4’s bought the hell out of them when they were out. Those lasted about 30 days. I switched over to the V’s and man they bottomed out in the heel. After 8 pairs I was done, it was the same issue. The VI’s are real nice but just not as durable as the 4’s.

        Ironically enough I use to rock the Kobe Zoom 1’s all day for hoops but had to wear ASO ankle braces because I rolled my ankle alot in them yet they were uber comfortable. Ever since I switched to the Kobe 4’s, I have yet to roll my ankle so it probably says alot about the design and how effective it was.

        So yeah, I’m in a quandry. I love the Kobe’s and it’s been the only shoe line I have rocked in the past 4 years so I’m hesitant to try something new.

        Only thing making me looking elsewhere is the nagging heel pain that returns after 3 weeks in a new pair of Kobe’s.

        Another thing, I’m 10.5 but wear 11 because of wide feet. So Narrow shoes like the KD’s are not an option because I tend to run pigeon toe and narrow shoes emphasize ankle flexion in that direction.

        but your reviews of CP3.v Dwade.2 might be something I will look into.

        • Nightwing2303

          The Wade may not work for wide footer but try them on and see if they feel alright. The CP3s may be a good option to try out IMO.

          • conrad

            wade actually has wide feet but i think they made the shoe narrower so it could fit the general public as the fly wade 1 was maybe too wide. now what to think of lebrons now?

          • Nightwing2303

            The players get a specific last that is their foots shape so Wade and any other nike/jordan athlete dont actually wear what we get in stores.

  • porkchopbun

    Interesting review as always…kinda cool that Nike is trying different things with their “foam” absorption material….

    Notice you are Nike tear lately…wonder if other companies are afraid to let the Nightwing2303 to review their shoes now…so you gotten big now..

    Hopefully you’ll be showing us the Howard’s soon…like you promise and some UA stuff..but I heard on the boards that they are pulling UA bball shoes off the shelves because of poor sales.

    And watch the ankle…or you’ll change your name to Penguino2303 cause you’re wobbling around..

    • Nightwing2303

      Lmao at Penguino2303!!!!

      I play in all brands but im trying to get the most “anticipated” shoes done first. Im not “too big” lol… Im just like everyone else.

  • J-Ian

    whats ips? does this podulon setup work better than zoom air and lunarlon for you?

    • Nightwing2303

      IPS is just pillars of different density foams, very much like the Podulon but Podulon houses cushlon within the pillars.

      I do personally prefer this over Zoom but havent quite made a decision on whether i like it more than Lunarlon yet.

  • Malil9210

    which shoe would u prefer the fly wade 2 or theses

    • Nightwing2303

      Overall, i still favor the Wade 2 but i havent finished playing in the CP3s so its still up in the air right now.

  • Kevin

    how much does these weigh? If you don’t know an exact weight do you have an idea what it compares to in terms of weight? Thx!

    • Nightwing2303

      Mens sz 9 weighs 13.6oz

  • Bob Triana

    I bought one of those online and they run kind of large, if compared to the hyperfuse 2010, does the CP3 V runs large or are the hyperfuses that run small? Thanks.

    • Nightwing2303

      Well hyperfuse fit small, i always have to go up 1/2 size. I got the CP3s in my usually sz 9 and they fit perfectly but the hyperenforcer i had to get a 9.5.